Julep Maven April 2014

The Vivid

This subscription box is one of my favorites. At 19.99 a box, this service offers a combination depending on your survey results. My initial results where It Girl, which means I receive three polish. Each month you can go in, preview each box, and choose the box you would like to receive. This month some of the boxes included makeup brushes, blush, or bronzer depending on your box selection. This is my third time receiving this service. When the reveal opened up for me to select a box, I was faced with a huge dilemma... I couldn't pick which colors I wanted. Easy solution: upgrade my box to include all the polish colors offered for April.

Below I will include close ups of each set of three, the name of the polish, and which box it would have originally come in.

From left to right: Phoebe (Boho Glam), Sunny (Boho Glam), 

Kayla (Bombshell)

From left to right: Tatum (Bombshell), Caitlin (Classic with a Twist), Mariska (Classic with a Twist)

From left to right: Flora (It Girl), Bailey (It Girl), Maren (It Girl)

This is by far my favorite Julep box. The colors are magnificent. I even like the pink shades, which is my least favorite color. "The Vivid" is a wonderful name for these colors. I am looking forward to sporting these gorgeous colors on my nails for spring and summer. Here is a picture of all nine shades in natural outside lighting:
Is Julep Maven something you would be interested in? If so feel free to use my referral link to check it out. I will disclose that I do benefit from you signing up under my link. I receive Jules for every person that I refer that can later be used towards my box or add on's. If you would rather not do that feel free to visit Julep.


  1. I've heard good and bad things about Julep.
    Is it worth the money?

    1. I didn't have a terrible time with Julep, and I do think it is work the money. I just couldn't continue at the time. I still like their polish, I just don't reach for it as much. I would love if they had the option to pick from a selection of polishes for each box.

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