Book Review: Looking for Alaska

We all read books that make an impact on our lives. We take away bits of everything we have read. Years later we may not remember the context of a book, but you remember how that book made us feel. Today I will be reviewing "Looking for Alaska" by John Green. Although not profound overall, the impact it has left on me will last a lifetime.

John Green

Tag - Book Edition

Today I thought I would just do something fun and silly. It is no secret that I love to read! I am doing the Reader Problems Tag. I originally watched several YouTube videos on this and thought I would blog it. (Let's be real, me talk to a camera? Hilarious!) As a avid reader, this tag hit home with all of the difficult questions. From Goodreads to TBRs, Covers to Tears this tag has them all. So let's get to the questions, shall we?