Keeping Up With My Prayers and How I Do It

Faith can be defined as giving complete control and trust to something or someone else. As a Christian, I put that definition to the test by trusting blindly. Many struggle with the idea of placing their hopes, dreams, and struggles into the hands of a God in which they cannot see. For many years my faith was tested in the form of prayer. More specifically, I struggled to remember to pray each day. I would often forget to set aside time to talk with Jesus. Today, I want to share with you how technology has helped me with my faith and my prayers.

Echo Prayer App

#5books7days Readathon Wrap Up

We all know just how much I love to read, so many find it shocking that I have never participated in a readathon. That has changed! This past week (August 10 - 16) I made my first attempt at a readathon. For those who do not know what a readathon is, by definition it is to read as much as possible in the set amount of time. Some readathons include challenges or more specific guidelines. The readathon #5books7days was started on instagram by lottelikesbooks. See lets get started and see just how much reading I did.

Homeschooling Q&A With Avary

For many people, the school year is just starting for them; however, today starts week two for my children. Many may wonder why they were allowed to start earlier. The answer is simple, homeschooling. At the beginning of last week, I talked to one of my oldest, Avary, and asked her questions about her first day and her outlook on the year.

A Book So Immersing, You Will Never Want To Find Reality Again

Just like with any challenge or any book lover, there are going to be reading slumps, and boy have I been in one. My reading wrap up for July is rather short. Beginning with July being a difficult month anyway, it was busy, emotional, and just down right the hardest month so far this year. I did get to finish up a few books; however, only two of the four were actually for the Popsugar Reading Challenge. Lets have a run down of the books and my thoughts on them.

Reading Wrap Up July 2015