Popsugar Must Have - December 2014

Many will say "It's the most wonderful time of the year." This is the Popsugar Must Have subscription box for December 2014 I have been waiting for. A Christmas gift to myself some would say. The wait seemed to take forever. I stalked my email and my mailbox. You can imagine my excitement when it was delivered to my doorstep. Lets get into all the lovelies and what I think about them. You may even see a product the is perfect for the Pantone Color of the Year for 2015!

Popsugar Must Have

What It Means To Make Christmas

Spending hours upon hours inside department stores or browsing websites is something that many people in this world love to do. Even I can love it from time to time; however, making my Christmas gifts by hand this year has opened my eyes. There are tons of shops online that sell handmade items. It is a labor of love for many. When we purchase those things, we do not often stop to think of the time that was put into making the item. I want to share my experience and thoughts about doing it myself this year.

Christmas Crafts

Worlds Apart

There is something to be said about really being loved. There has been times in my life were I thought I was in love. This isn't to question or lessen those times. I am sure I felt some sort of love, but not this. This is an all consuming and burning love.

London Love