Transformation Tuesday

Making the Switch

Scrapbooking to Project Life

How I Started Scrapbooking:
With a smile that could light up a room, Brandy could talk you into doing anything. In high school she was always taking pictures. She loved to scrapbook and it wasn't long before she was showing it all to me. I picked it up here and there, but I primarily scrapbooked with her. As the years went by and I had more motivation, I started to scrapbook more and more.

Book Review

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

May Contain Spoilers - Proceed With Caution

As I finished up the last pages of The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks, I wiped my eyes in wonder at how he had captivated me and moved me with his words yet again. Many of my readers are aware that I love The Notebook immensely. It has easily become my favorite book and one that I will read over and over again. So I was in shock when I was told that there was a book that came after it. I quickly made a trip to the bookstore to purchase it.


Glitter Daily Squares And Banners

Recently I purchased some gorgeous glittery 12x12 scrapbooking paper. When I purchased it, I had the intention of making daily squares and daily ornate punches. With each 12x12 page, I can make 40 daily squares with some scraps left over. I had been saving the scraps just in case I had any ideas. Well I was looking at some rather skinny banners online and had the idea to make my own. I used the scraps from the daily squares and made banners. They all turned out wonderfully! I will include pictures of all the banners below for everyone to enjoy.

Ipsy August 2014

Cali Cosmetics Evulcano Body Cream - With Italian oil extracts and volcanic minerals, this lotion is said to be very hydrating. I love the scent of sicilian lemons. My hands felt very silky and smooth after using it.

Mani Madness

Nail Designs

Planner Haul!!!

It's A Haul Y'all!!!

Well it looks like it happened again... Someone let me roam around the stores and these poor orphaned supplies found there way into my bag and into my home. No need to worry though, they will be well loved with me. Once again some things are not linked, and I apologize for that; however, I did include pictures of those items. Here are the lovely goodies that I took in:

Mother/Daughter Date Ideas

Magical Moments With Just The Two Of Us

This list was requested from me a long time ago. It was never meant to be made into a blog; however, the requester has long since forgotten about asking for it. I hope this list inspires all the mother/daughter duos out there to spend some alone time together.

Popsugar Must Have August 2014

Mason Jar Cookie Company Cookie Mix in Celebrate - I was so excited about these! I think I will tuck these back and bake them with my daughter some day soon. How adorable is this packaging though!

Happy Mail

RAK From Fort Walton Beach Florida

Snail mail is making a huge come back in my life. I may complain a little about the price of stamps, but when I send planner supplies to ladies that have no idea it is coming, I get really excited. I have been a member of an amazing RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) Planner group for a few weeks now. I have sent out numerous RAKs and have received a few in return. My idea is to start sharing the happy mail that I receive. I love seeing the various things that others use and share. It gives me ideas and inspiration for my planner and for RAKs that I send out. So I hope that you enjoy seeing the lovely kindness that has been shared with me.

Growing Up Too Fast

Some of life's greatest moments can come in a time of crisis. I received a phone call tonight from my daughter. She was frantic and scared because the neighborhood was on lock down. While trying to calm her, a small knight in shining armor walked in. "What are you doing here?" was all she could manage. He calmly replied, "I am here to protect you."

Melting Away

My Warmer Scent Collection

Better Homes and Gardens Cool Caribbean Breeze*
Better Homes and Gardens Tranquil Garden Spa*

Getting It Done

  • Mail We Love EC RAKs
  • Start going through the contents of my room in preparation to move

Shuffle It Up Ten

Shuffling It Up Ten

Put your music on shuffle or pick a station on Pandora and list the first ten songs to come up. How do they relate to you or inspire you? You are only allowed two skips throught the ten, please list any skips you use at the bottom.

Dirty Laundry

5 Reasons To Always Wear Clean Underwear

  • So you never have to explain to the paramedics why they are not clean

Well Some Has To Say It - Dragon Lady

There has been some things weighing on my mind lately. Sometimes it becomes just too much to carry on my own. I was encouraged to write about it so that I can let it go easily. So I am going to take a deep breath and just write. I understand if you don't care to read this and want to move along. This is not intended to be a happy post. For anyone that does decide to read this post, thank you. You are showing me support and for that I am grateful.

Planner Supply Haul

Yet Another ECLP Supply Haul

I did a little unexpected shopping for planner things today. Even though I probably spent more than I should, everything I purchased at Hobby Lobby was on sale except one thing, which I used the 40% off coupon from the website on. I am going to go ahead and apologize for the large number of things that I could not find to link to you. I hope you enjoy, lovelies.

Time To Start Living

I am starting with a smaller list, but these are some of the things I want to accomplish.

Snapping Memories

One of my fellow bloggers has a splendid idea. You can see her Last 10 Post here and our friend Erica's here. Now I am going to use the same idea as well. I love sharing parts of my life like this.

Put Some Sugar On It - Pinterest Edition

Sweet Treat Recipes To Try

Adoption: My Princess Avary

I grew up in a very loving home. I watched my mother take in all of the kids from school and the neighborhood. You often hear that blood does not always mean family. I have never doubted this concept; however, the boundaries of such has been proven to me in recent times.

Tiny Princess Kate

Pushing, Pushing, Pushing

Childbirth is something magical all its own. Witnessing a child being brought into the world is one of the greatest wonders. I remember the day my nephew was born very clearly; however, the night of the 29th, was something fascinating. A natural childbirth has been my intention for some time now, but witnessing how peaceful it was for this tiny princess, sealed the deal for me.