5 Facts About Grieving And How To Get Through It

Losing a loved one is hard, but moving on afterwards can be somewhat tricky. Expectations say that breaking down happens immediately and it is all-consuming; however, what about those that hold it in or lock it down? Today we are talking about grieving. From those who have lost many, to those who haven't lost anyone close, we can all identify with some of these facts.

5 facts about Grieving

Facing the Unthinkable

Cancer. A word that no one, especially a family wants to hear. It is devastating and overwhelming. Just the process itself is emotional and heart breaking. The topic alone is enough to strike fear in the hearts of many. So what happens when that conversation is no longer just a fear? When it becomes a reality, how do you move forward without falling apart?

The Book With A Perfect Ending

Some say that there is something to be said about a person by the books that they read. I am not so sure that is true; however, I love sharing what books I have read in the past month. This is my way of sharing a brief book review and a wrap up all in one. What books did I finish this month? Keep reading to find out. And don't forget the 2015 Popsugar Reading Challenge!!!

Book Review