#TryDry Influenster VoxBox from Target

Welcome back my lovelies! Today, I am bringing you another beauty related review. I was one of many lucky Influensters to receive the #TryDry Voxbox. Influenster partnered with Target and Dove to deliver the new Dove Dry Spray (For men and women) to a select number of subscribers. If you would be interested in future campaigns, stay tuned and I will have all that information down below. For now, lets get into the review!

Just Two Books?! Why Aren't You Reading More - Monthly Reading Wrap Up

Hello all of my dearies! We are almost to the end of February. This month has flown by, with it another month of reading or lack thereof in my case. I did manage to squeeze in two books for the month. At the end you can see why that count is so low. Let me take you on a journey to my book reviews for the month and how the fit into my Popsugar Reading Challenge (PSRC) for the year. Stay tuned in the future for a look at a new book challenge I will be starting soon.

Beauty Review - Wet N Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel

Hello my lovelies!!! I am here to share a new(ish) product with you and give a review. I am by no means a nail artist. I often color outside the lines and am left when a mess to clean up. I often find myself wondering why I even bother when it chips, sometimes in full sheets, within the first 24 hours of applying. Would you like all the beauty and durability of a gel manicure without all time curing and waiting? Wet N Wild just may have come up with a solution for that problem. Let's dig into my thoughts on the 1 Step Wonder Gel.

Wet N Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel

Dreaming of Aulani Lookbook - Outfits and Accessories

Hello my lovelies! I want to take you on an adventure, so picture this... A beautiful resort, a stretch of sand and ocean... All part of a trip of a lifetime. A Disney trip to top it all off. If you haven't guess by the title, I am talking about Aulani. The idea was for a few couples, myself and D included, to all take a trip together. Curiosity soon overtook Dylan, and out popped the idea for me to blog about what outfits I would take with me. So here is a little look at the online window shopping I did for a little taste of some of the things I would love to take with me.

I Managed To Not Throw It - Monthly Reading Wrap Up

Is it really already February?! Where in the world did January go?! Hello everyone! I hope that your year is off to a great start. Those who have been with me awhile already know what time it is. Another month has passed and that means more books have been read. Once again this year I am participating in the Popsugar Reading Challenge (PSRC) which you can read more about and see a list of the prompts here. A few changes are being made to my wrap ups that I hope you will enjoy. I will of course link each book to Goodreads. Next I will include some information about the book and why I chose to read it; however, my biggest changes will be the absence of a summary and the addition of a full feelings review. I will go ahead and warn you, these reviews may contain mild to major spoilers, so be cautious. Let's get started with the books I have read this month.

Readng Wrap Up