Book Partner Tag - With Mouse Ears With A Mohawk

Welcome back my dearies, and if you are new to my blog, I am so glad that you stopped by! Today, I am working on something different and special to me. Traveling around the Booktube community is a book partner tag. Each person gets the chance to ask a set amount of book related questions and some personal questions as well. Joining me today is someone rather special, Dylan from Mouse Ears With A Mohawk. Here is how it all works: we have each asked each other 15 book/reading related questions and 3 personal questions. Stay tuned until the end and I will link you over to his post as well. So let's get started!

Book Partner Tag

Disney World Lookbook - Outfits and Accessories

Hello dearies, today I am back with another Disney Lookbook for you! This time we are visiting the magical Disney World where you can explore the world showcase, get a thrill as you drop in the Tower of Terror, and don't forget to try the Grey Stuff. Getting to go to Disney has been a dream for me, so I thought I would share a few outfit options with you all today.

Disney World Disbounding

Let's Talk Faith - How Many Times Do I Betray Him?

From time to time, something just weighs on your heart heavily. Not matter how many times you try to focus on something else, you just keep coming back to what is on your mind. For today, I am just going with it. So please excuse me if this post is a little rambly.


40 Questions - All About Food Likes And Dislikes

Hello my lovelies! Today, we are doing something fun and lighthearted that will let you get to know me more. It is time for me to answer a bunch of questions from a survey. This particular survey happens to be all about food. So let's dive in and learn a some of my food preferences.