I Just Couldn't Help Myself - Book Haul!

The title speaks for itself today. I was out and about taking care of some errands when I decided to hit my favorite book store. One quickly turned to two... 2nd & Charles and Books A Million. I ended up walking away with a few books and only two books left to find for my Popsugar Reading Challenge. For the books that were on sale, I will list their price. Now let's get started on these books and one none book item.

Book Haul

What Am I Watching - YouTube Edition

Hello my dearies! Today I am doing a request from a dear friend of mine just started up her blog, Dreamin' In Seasons. It is something that my friends and I all love to do, watch YouTube videos! Any hing from crafts and books to makeup and vlogs. YouTube is my way of keeping up with the latest products, techniques, and ideas. I love that there is such a diverse community of people sharing their content with the world. Lets get started on the list of YouTubers that I subscribe to and watch regularly.

Youtube List

Sending Smiles Across the Miles - Craft Week

It is a sad day. We are on the last day of craft week!!! I hope that everyone has enjoyed this as much as I have! Today I want to talk about card marking. This is something that I have wanted to start doing for some time now. Here is a list of some of the supplies I will need to get start. Do you have any do to products you like to use? I hope they have made this list, if not comment with them down below! Let's get this list started!

Card Making

Documenting a Lifetime - Craft Week

Hello my dearies, I hope that you are having fun with my craft week extravaganza. This week we are talking all things crafts. Today I want to share with you another project supply list of things to begin my Project Life journey. For those of you who don't know what that means, Project Life is a form of scrapbooking were you use small cards for layouts instead of 12x12 pages for one event. It was created to be easier to document every day life. So join me on this adventure to find all of the things and supplies I will need to get started!

Project Life

Faith Through Creativity - Craft Week

Welcome back to another craft week blog!!! I hope that you are as excited as I am to share my love of crafts with you. Today, we are going to be talking about something I am wanting to start, Bible journaling. As my faith has grown, I have become more and more interested in finding new ways to do praise and worship. When I found these, I thought this would be a wonderful way to use my creativity to worship. Lets get to the list of supplies that I am wanting in order to start journaling.

Bible Journaling

Try All The Crafts!!! - Craft Week

Hello my darlings!!! I am here to announce an exciting week of posts for you! It is going to be craft week here at my blog. I am going to discuss the crafts I want to get into, any ideas I have, and any of the supplies I will be needing. Anything that I list out, I either do not own or I will be replacing/expanding my collection. Just a little tidbit, I will not be doing all this shopping at once, even if that would be one exciting time. So let's get into the list of crafts I want to start and just why I am interested in them.

Places To Go And Things To Do - My Travel Bucket List

There is always places to go and things to do, the list is never ending. So I thought I would share with you a few of my travel bucket list items. There is no order to this list. Being someone who has only visited a handful of states, I have always dreamed of traveling and exploring the world. Here are some of the places and things I would like to do around the world.

Travel Bucket List

When Choosing Between Two Evils Isn't All The Easy - August Reading Wrap Up

While everyone else is happy to see September, I am over here wondering where all the time has gone. August has come to a close, and with it another month of reading complete. For August, I participated in the #5books7days readathon, which is where the bulk of my reading comes from. Many of those were for the Popsugar Reading Challenge. With only ten more books to complete the challenge, I am pretty excited to finish out the challenge. My Goodreads reading goal is 27 from completion. Now lets get to the books I have read and what I thought about them!