Popsugar Must Have - December 2014

Many will say "It's the most wonderful time of the year." This is the Popsugar Must Have subscription box for December 2014 I have been waiting for. A Christmas gift to myself some would say. The wait seemed to take forever. I stalked my email and my mailbox. You can imagine my excitement when it was delivered to my doorstep. Lets get into all the lovelies and what I think about them. You may even see a product the is perfect for the Pantone Color of the Year for 2015!

Popsugar Must Have

What It Means To Make Christmas

Spending hours upon hours inside department stores or browsing websites is something that many people in this world love to do. Even I can love it from time to time; however, making my Christmas gifts by hand this year has opened my eyes. There are tons of shops online that sell handmade items. It is a labor of love for many. When we purchase those things, we do not often stop to think of the time that was put into making the item. I want to share my experience and thoughts about doing it myself this year.

Christmas Crafts

Worlds Apart

There is something to be said about really being loved. There has been times in my life were I thought I was in love. This isn't to question or lessen those times. I am sure I felt some sort of love, but not this. This is an all consuming and burning love.

London Love

Shut Up And Dance With Me

Personal Ramblings and Thoughts

The holidays is a very difficult time for me. For many years it hasn't been a time of happiness. Many may think it is for selfish reasons like not getting what I want, not receiving gifts, or the company in which I keep for Christmas. That simply isn't the case. The truth is, Christmas changed when I lost my grandfather. My mother's spirit changed. The decorations became less and less until it was a fight to have any decorations at all. It become opening presents and eating together, but retreating to separate parts of the house the rest of the time.

Erin Condren Haul And First Impression

Erin Condren Address Book

Michaels Haul and Review

Crafting Haul

Buying a Planner For The First Time

For each person the needs for a planner varies. One planner may work for one person, but be completely incompatible with someone else. Just as the uses change, the decoration that goes into a planner varies from person to person. So what would be my advice for someone purchasing a planner for the first time?

Avary's Challenge

Creative Writing Challenge

I was challenged by my wonderful daughter Avary and my other half +Nate McLachlan to complete the story. In the graphic above I have included the original post.


Erin Condren Life Planner

For Alabama there is four seasons: Summer, Spring, Winter, and Football. We are known for are crazy traditions from specific underwear to only eating specific things. I am what some will call a turncoat. I was previously an Auburn fan; however, I did support Alabama when the played anyone else. Some things have changed. I have become an Alabama fan. Once your daughter looks up at you and asks you to support her team, you just can't say no to that. There are many other reasons that others will not understand. All teams have their bad moments, but I just do not agree with some of Auburns antics anymore.

A Home For My Heart


With the big move getting closer and closer, I can't help but think of all the things that are waiting for me there. My boyfriend, friends, and my job are just a few. The holidays are quickly approaching. It leaves me wondering, if it were possible, just how I would decorate my new home. Granted, I will not be living in that home until after I am married; however, I am still in love with that house.

From Creepy to Enjoyment

Christmas Traditions

As my regular readers will know, this is my first Christmas with my daughter, Avary. Naturally that means that many things and traditions will be changing for me; however, I think this is the perfect time for alterations of what I am used to being called Christmas. My goal is to make this a very magical and memorable Christmas for all of us.

Let's Play a Game

Would You Rather Book Edition

1. Never be allowed to read the last chapter of a book, but be able to read as many books as you want, OR only be allowed to read one book a year, but be allowed to finish it?
-One book a year would be a joke. I can just use my imagination to finish the book in my mind.

Shopping Haul!!!

Shopping Hauls

I did a little shopping today and I thought I would share my goodies with everyone. I apologize that I do not have links for some of the items from Target, they do not post their dollar spot items online. Hope you enjoy a look into my shopping bags.

Remembering Coupons

Erin Condren Life Planner

Couponing is something very new for me. I received a few in the mail the other day and I was excited to use them. I stuck them in the clear pouch in my ECLP and didn't think anything else about them. I was wondering last night how I could effectively remember to use them on time. So I decided to use some page flags that I haven't had any idea what to do with.

That Sudden Overwelming Feeling

Clinical Depression is defined as a major mood disorder that causes feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and frustration that may interrupt every day life for days or weeks on end. It is not uncommon to find reoccurring depression symptoms in several generations of a family tree. With enough research, you can find a long line of depression within some families. If it is something hereditary, how can it be overcome? Many people view this topic differently. From therapy to medicine, there seems to be a strong difference of opinion on that subject matter.

I spent years carrying this image around because it was the
best description of how I felt.

What I Am Loving for the Month of October

The month of October was filled with crazy dips and turns; however, I have made it through. Some of my favorites do not have links with them, and I apologize for that, but these are the things I have been loving throughout the month.

A Glimpse of the Future

I want to continue dating. With kids this will reduce a great bit. And yes I am referring to date night alone. Not just a night in the house without the kids while they sleep over somewhere. I am talking lets go out to dinner, dance around like we have just fallen in love, and not talk about our children. I know that will be hard to maintain when that is what we revert to after many years together; however, it is time for us.

Staying in Love

Do You Smell That? (Fall Edition)


With Thanksgiving growing nearer, the leaves changing, and the air getting chilly, I have rediscovered my love for my scent warmer. I have found several scents for the fall that I am in love with. I love bundling up in warm blankets with my book or Kindle to read with the room smelling wonderful.

All That Lovey Dovey Stuff

As a woman that is truly blessed by so many things around her, many of the smaller things become overlooked. I have always been a very sentimental person. I keep pieces of conversations, write down special things in my planner that happen, and cherish photos. One thing that I have done is keep a playlist of all the songs that Nathaniel has shared with me. I cannot count how many times I have listened to these songs just to put a smile on my face.

ECLP: Working Ahead Update

Erin Condren Life Planner

Earlier this month I did a preview for an upcoming layout. For me, decorating ahead of time isn't something that I normally do, so I promised to check back in with how it went. I am going to include a quick look of how it looked before adding things in; however, if you would like to see a closer view, you can see that in my previous blog: ECLP Upcoming Layouts.

Popsugar Must Have October 2014

Popsugar Must Have

Erin Condren Life Planner Note Pages

Erin Condren Notebook

When you look through social media sites and profiles of people that use the Erin Condren Life Planner, it is a well known that everyone is looking for ways and ideas on how to utilize the notes section in the back of the planner. I have looked through many ideas, but I ran across the same issue that bothered me. The information that was being documented would change. That bugs me. So I spent a good bit of time questioning what I could use them for that would not change and would be useful over the next 18 months. (If you are interested in more about the ECLP, I have several blogs available. Thinking of purchasing one for yourself and would like $10 off, just follow this link.)

Wiggle Thy Toes, Open Thine Eyes

Halloween Quotes

Tender lumplings everywhere. Life's no fun without a good scare. That's our job, but we're not mean. In our town of Halloween.
-Jack, The Nightmare Before Christmas

I Am Fat

Plus Size Body Image

I am a woman and I am fat. I have wide hips, a stomach that isn't flat, and a large chest. Most of all, I have rolls, dimples, and stretch marks. I will repeat this, I AM FAT. Some people are going to think that I am being harsh or that I am being cruel about myself. Let me start with saying, I am not being harsh on myself. For many years I have struggled with my weight. I have battled with depression, anxiety, and self consciousness. I am moving past that. Do I have friends and family that are working on this with me, yes; however, I am doing this on my own as well. I am motivating myself and encouraging myself. And not in the ways others might think. Some will say, "Oh you are finally going to start dieting." No I am not dieting. I may be making healthier choices, but this isn't about losing weight. This is about loving myself, loving my body.

Halloween Madness: Couples Costumes!

Couples Costumes

I wanted to share a bunch of couple costume ideas that I have and would like to do in future years. I hope that you enjoy. If you have any ideas for couples costumes, leave them in the comments down below.

You Can Take Anything, Just Don't Take...

Outside of God, Nathaniel. Yes lovelies, we are back to this topic again. I have recently taken a look at my life. Where I have been, where I want to go, the things I could live without, and more; however, he is the one thing I cannot live without or see myself being without. He is the one that can put the goofy smile on my face. It takes a magnificent man to do everything he does not only for me, but for everyone else as well. He is outstanding with his job. Being a father comes natural to him. His heart is so open and warm.

Dear Waffle, Let Me Be Your Spaghetti

Guys Are Waffles Girls Are Spaghetti

Guys and girls all over the world are trying to figure out the opposite sex. Woman wonder why their guys just won't talk to them about whatever has them staring into space all the time. Men look at women in confusion when they burst into tears for only she knows why, yet she keeps saying that she is fine. It is a never ending merry go round. And then you start all over when the person in your life changes.

ECLP: Upcoming Layouts

Erin Condren Life Planner

Many know how strange it is for me to decorate my spreads beforehand. But recently I decided to go ahead and use up some stickers with a somewhat theme in mind. I went ahead and finished decorating for the month of October. I am going to share with you my favorite week. I will check back after the fact to let you know how I like decorating ahead. I will give an update on what I like and dislike, plus I will show it off completed. Here is the pictures of my "Halloween Candy" themed week.

All Jeweled Up Jewelry

As many may know, I make jewelry. It has been a very big dream of mine to sale my jewelry. A few years ago, I started to sale locally. I had several people that bought pieces from me and even requested custom pieces. Making jewelry is something that I love to do. It is very calming and soothing for me. Around the same time, I decided to post my jewelry online. I didn't have much luck and was quickly discouraged. 

Spooktacular Halloween

Halloween Decoration Ideas

It is that time of year again!!!! It is time for all things hocus pocus, spooky, and creepy! Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. For me it isn't about going to every haunted house like Sloss, Atrox, or the equivilent in each area. I have watched horror movies since I was young; however, as I have grown, I have started to enjoy more kiddy movies. My favorites are Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown. I have comprised a ton of pictures of Halloween decorations that I like. I thought I would share them all with you. I hope you enjoy them and that it inspires you to decorate this year or give your ideas of what to do differently next year.

So Close, Yet So Far Away

Long Distance Relationship

Living in two different places is never easy. Many do not understand why I am doing what I am doing. The answer to that is simple: Love. Being away from the one person you cherish more than any other is not the easiest thing to do. There are many nights that you wish to be together. There are nights when you wake up, and while still half asleep, you reach beside you in a sleepy state just to sigh when you grasp only air.

Blogs That Inspire My Blog

When first starting a blog, you look to others for inspiration. For many, they spend hours searching the Internet for blogs or inspiration. I have been known to do this as well; however, my biggest inspirations come from my friends. I have done something similar as part of a challenge previously and I will link that here. This post differs in what blogs inspire mine and why.

Growing Closer To Him

It is common for me to find a Bible verse to go at the bottom of my weekly spreads. For the beginning of October, I found a verse that spoke volumes to me. I was inspired and encouraged to pray on the subject matter. Soon afterwards, things started to change and I didn't take it well. I cried more than my fair share of tears. I was questioning things I should not be questioning. My mind was getting the best of me all over again. This is the verse:

Breathtakingly Magical

Messages of devotion, love, and gratitude.
Unexpected surprises.
Picking me up when I least expected it.

ECLP: A Peek Inside

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things in my Erin Condren Life Planner. I can honestly say, this is the longest amount of time that I have kept up with a planner throughout my life. I have been enjoying keeping up with daily things even though I decorate and write them in afterwards. Sticky Notes are my best friends. I use a variety of things within my planner and it changes from spread to spread. I hope that you enjoy this little peek into my planner.

The Story of Billy and Sandy

Waking up cold is never the best way to start your day. That is when I knew that my day would just get worse from here. Many might consider my life to be minuscule and unimportant; however, I, Billy, still have a story to tell and for me it is quite terrifying. You might be curious as to what makes me who I am. I am a sock. I am married to a beautifully soft sock named Sandy.

Abuse Is Not Just Physical

Mental Abuse

Disclosure: This is not an easy blog to write. This blog is my opinions and view point. What is said in this blog will not be the views of every other person. I will be sharing my experience and how it has effected my life.

Classic Literature Reading List

Classic Books

There is something to be said for classic literature that withstands the tests of time. Many are a staple in literature course in schools and colleges. Many of those books I have not completed. Here is a list of ten of the classics that I want to read.

ECLP Supplies


When looking through any sites, blogs, or groups about the Erin Condren Life Planner, you are sure to find a numerous amount of information and pictures of inserts that are available. Anything from DIY dashboards to printable meal planning can be found and laminated for the ECLP. There may come a day when I attempt to make my own; however, for now I will be sharing the ones that I either bought myself or that were sent to me by very kind ladies. Please feel free to contact me for any direct information about where I received my inserts.

With My Whole Heart

For My Whole Life

Today's blog is something very dear and special to me. Six months ago today I was stunned. For several days I had been overflowing with happiness. I never imagined when I got up that day that things would go the way they did.

Transformation Tuesday

Making the Switch

Scrapbooking to Project Life

How I Started Scrapbooking:
With a smile that could light up a room, Brandy could talk you into doing anything. In high school she was always taking pictures. She loved to scrapbook and it wasn't long before she was showing it all to me. I picked it up here and there, but I primarily scrapbooked with her. As the years went by and I had more motivation, I started to scrapbook more and more.

Book Review

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

May Contain Spoilers - Proceed With Caution

As I finished up the last pages of The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks, I wiped my eyes in wonder at how he had captivated me and moved me with his words yet again. Many of my readers are aware that I love The Notebook immensely. It has easily become my favorite book and one that I will read over and over again. So I was in shock when I was told that there was a book that came after it. I quickly made a trip to the bookstore to purchase it.


Glitter Daily Squares And Banners

Recently I purchased some gorgeous glittery 12x12 scrapbooking paper. When I purchased it, I had the intention of making daily squares and daily ornate punches. With each 12x12 page, I can make 40 daily squares with some scraps left over. I had been saving the scraps just in case I had any ideas. Well I was looking at some rather skinny banners online and had the idea to make my own. I used the scraps from the daily squares and made banners. They all turned out wonderfully! I will include pictures of all the banners below for everyone to enjoy.

Ipsy August 2014

Cali Cosmetics Evulcano Body Cream - With Italian oil extracts and volcanic minerals, this lotion is said to be very hydrating. I love the scent of sicilian lemons. My hands felt very silky and smooth after using it.

Mani Madness

Nail Designs

Planner Haul!!!

It's A Haul Y'all!!!

Well it looks like it happened again... Someone let me roam around the stores and these poor orphaned supplies found there way into my bag and into my home. No need to worry though, they will be well loved with me. Once again some things are not linked, and I apologize for that; however, I did include pictures of those items. Here are the lovely goodies that I took in:

Mother/Daughter Date Ideas

Magical Moments With Just The Two Of Us

This list was requested from me a long time ago. It was never meant to be made into a blog; however, the requester has long since forgotten about asking for it. I hope this list inspires all the mother/daughter duos out there to spend some alone time together.

Popsugar Must Have August 2014

Mason Jar Cookie Company Cookie Mix in Celebrate - I was so excited about these! I think I will tuck these back and bake them with my daughter some day soon. How adorable is this packaging though!