A Girl And Her Barney Lunch Box

Training For Purse Swinging

Wearing pigtails has always been my thing. It started at a young age. By the time I started Kindergarten, I was a whopping 32 pounds. I was tiny to say the least. When I started riding the bus, the driver was always scared that I would get hurt. She made sure I always had my own seat right behind her in the front. What no one realized was that this tiny shy girl could take up for herself. I grew up with two older brothers. Is there ever any doubt for a younger sister to know how to defend herself? After so long you get tired of missing out on the food, getting pushed around, and not getting a turn on the nintendo.

The day started like any other. I packed my lunch and waited for the bus to show up. When I take my seat with my pigtails dangling behind me, I didn't pay much attention to who was sitting behind me. Little did I know, it was my brother's friend Hershel that lived down the street. He was yet another boy that liked to pick on me with my brothers in tow. I was quietly minding my own business with my Barney lunch box in my lap.

After we start moving, Hershel starts pulling on my pigtails. First time, I ignore it thinking it was a mistake. The second time, I move them so he has to reach for them. Third time, I ask him to stop. Fourth time? Not so nice about it. I politely turn around and smack him in the head with my lunch box. After telling the bus driver the situation at hand, I was let off the hook with a warning that it wasn't ladylike to hurt others even when they are bullying me. Hershel soon took my seat in the front of the bus. After that I was allowed to sit wherever I wanted; however, that didn't save my lunch, which was ruined.

Scrapbooking Haul May 2014

Time To Stock Up!

Today was shopping day for me. One of my local scrapbooking stores is closing their doors. I was fighting tears as I left. I understand why they cannot keep their doors open though. For you, that means an incredible haul! For me, that equals amazing deals. I would have bought so much more had I been able to. Most items were 60% off. I will be including the regular price there, what I paid, and what it would be somewhere else. You will be greatly missed Sir Stamps A Lot.

VersaMark Watermark Stamp Pad for Embossing
Sir Stamps A Lot Price: $7.85
What I Paid: $3.16
JoAnn's Price: $9.99

Hero Arts Clear Stamps in CL556 - Love and Lace
Sir Stamps A Lot Price: $15.25
What I Paid: $6.10
Simon Says Stamp Price: $15.99

Penny Black Rubber Stamp in 2304F - Seeing Your Face
Sir Stamps A Lot Price: $6.00
What I Paid: $2.40
123 Stitch Price: $7.82

McGill Fancy Square Punch - Small 1 1/2 Inch
Sir Stamps A Lot Price: $17.10
What I Paid: $6.80
Paper Niche Price: $15.79

Embossing Powder in Clear, Black, Black Opal, and Psychedelic
Sir Stamps A Lot Price: $4.25 Each
What I Paid: $1.70 Each

The Paper Studios Embossing Heat Tool
Hobby Lobby Price: $19.99
What I Paid: $11.99 (40% Off Coupon)

Origami Mega Paper Pack
What I Paid (Barnes & Noble): $5.00

May 2014 Favorites

Hi I'm Skinny Sticks in Sweet Onion
-Thank you PopSugar. I am now addicted to another snack. These taste so much better than the French Onion Sun Chips I usually eat.

Smell Bent St. Tropez Dispenser
-This smells like the beach. Who doesn't want that scent in their life?! It has been helping me with my cravings for sand and salt water. Give me this and Beautiful Day, and I am set for life.

Zing Anything Citrus Zinger
-I think this was the most exciting thing for me in my PopSugar box! I instantly fell in love with the ability to flavor my water naturally.

Butterfly Babydoll Cami
-I bought this with a certain person in mind. I love the fit and how comfy it is.

Scraptastic Process Videos on YouTube
-I have been obsessed with these videos. I watch so many of them. I love seeing the different ideas, layouts, and cards that everyone comes up with for the same kits. It just shows that no two creators are the same.

Obesessive Compulsive Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Pool Boy
-Oh My Goodness Gracious at how beautiful this color is. I wore this twice in a row, which is very rare for me. This just screams summer to me.

EOS Shaving Cream in Pomegranate Raspberry
-I have been using this brand of shaving cream for over a year now, but this is my go to scent for summer. This gives me the closest and smoothest shave without breaking out my sensitive skin.

Lush Shower Jelly in Sweetie Pie
-I am addicted. I am still not over the texture of this jelly, but the smell is amazing. I would be happy with a perfume in this scent as well.

Venus Snap Razor
-I have always disliked the handles on razors, so I thought this would be perfect. Boy was I ever right. No more shifting from hand to hand to get the right grip for one side or the other. It even comes in a cute case that is perfect for traveling!

Favorite Songs:
-All of Me by John Legend
-Mama He's Crazy by The Judds
-Through the Ghost by Shinedown

Favorite Compliment:
-Being called beautiful by +Nate+Mary Ann, and +Hunter.

Favorite Advice:
-"Listen with your heart, you will understand." -Grandmother Willow

I'll Be Doing Whatever Snow Does In Summer

My Favorite Summer Activities

Those (frozen) fruity little drinks even though I can shoot whiskey

Flip Flops


Going to the Beach

Lightning Bugs


Reading Outside

Water Balloon Fights





Car Shows
This is a picture from a show I attended years ago. If you look next to the yellow Dodge pickup, you will see my black Mustang and my father's old 32 Chevy. Oddly enough I am even standing between the two.

You Can't Stop The Music - 80s

Ten Just Wasn't Enough This Time

Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine

The Judds - Love Is Alive

Keith Whitley - Don't Close Your Eyes

Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

George Jones - He Stopped Loving Her Today

Journey - Faithfully

Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time

Madonna - Open Your Heart

Queen/David Bowie - Under Pressure

Whitesnake - Here I Go Again

Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

Mr. Mister - Broken Wings

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - I Love Rock 'N Roll

Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On me

Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer

Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time

Roxette - Listen To Your Heart

Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me)

Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is

Fresh Start challenge Day 28: Small Room, Lowest Floor...

Near The Center Of The House, And Away From Windows

Living in the middle of tornado alley is never something to brag about. Everyone around me knows those words, and the man who speaks them year after year. For years, I didn't prepare for severe weather, but that has all changed. Where I am now may not be ideal, but I will be moving soon. In my new home, there is a lot more preparation that goes into severe weather threats. Whether it is an emergency kit, extra clothes, and shelter, preparation is at the top of the list.

With the recent storms that have went through, I actively checked the radars for upcoming storms. During most of that time, I was barricaded in a corner of my room shielded behind a mattress, since there is a window in my room. This was something very hard for me. Tight spaces make me panic. Even so, I was more worried about the ones I care about. Having them to talk to me through it all greatly helped. I was blessed that day.

Fresh Start Challenge Day 27: Stop And Smell The Flowers

Stand Tall

It is no secret that the sun rose and fell on my PawPaw for me. Every time I see a sunflower, I am reminded to stand tall and to make him proud. Sunflowers were one of his favorites. He even had them on his coffee mug. His sunny manner was always contagious. Seeing a sunflower brings me back to being carefree and shining bright. It reminds me to be proud of where I have come from, because no matter how dark things may seem, there is always a sunny day coming my way.

Friends That Scrap Together...

Stay Together!!!

I haven't been scrapbooking for some time now. I originally started with a dear friend of mine. After she passed away I lost my passion to scrap. But that has all changed! I was looking forward to starting again now that I have the inspiration; however, now I have someone very special to scrap with me!!!

The past few days have been so wonderful. She has gone from curious to full blown excitement. I love sharing my ideas, videos, and products with her. Knowing that I won't just be locked away in a room by myself makes all the difference. Even if she just watches, at least I know I am not alone in it. I am excited to see her blossom as she learns new techniques and ways to do things. Who knows, maybe we can even do my wedding invitations together.

Below I am going to include some ideas and products that we are excited about.

 And to that special someone, thank you so much for always being here for me and inspiring me. You are going to be magnificent. I cannot wait to shop, scrap, and learn together. With a little glitter, some adhesive, and your imagination you can create anything that you set your mind to.

Fresh Start Challenge Day 26: Still Not A Vampire

For The Love Of Losing Your Clothing

Werewolves... And not the Twilight ones. Alcide Herveaux

True Blood as always been one of my favorites, even though I am a season behind (No Spoilers Please). Every since the first episode that this werewolf appeared I have been transfixed. What is there not to love! Leadership, gentleman, protective, caring, loyal, and down right yummy.

You Can't Stop The Music - 90s

Top 10 Songs From The 90s

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Metallica - Enter Sandman

Radiohead - Creep

Matchbox Twenty - 3AM

Marcy Playground - Sex and Candy

Savage Garden - I Knew I Loved You

Tonic - If You Could Only See

Nsync - A Little More Time On You

Natalie Imbruglia - Torn

Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There

Favorite Desserts To Make Myself

Sweet Tooth - Master Chocolatier

All but one of these desserts were passed down to me in my family. It is tradition to make candy at Christmas time for gifts. I am so excited to start doing this again this year with a special little helper by my side.

Chocolate Cherry Chunk Brownies

These delicious brownies have a sugary sweet cherry layer that is absolutely melt in your mouth decadent.

Peanut Butter Balls

Do you like Reese's Cups? Here you go, but better.

Mounds Balls

Sweetly wrapped coconut in a creammy center covered in chocolate. Even better than the Mounds you can buy in stores.

Irish Potato Candy

Wait! I know it sounds terrible, but it is amazing! You would never know it is made with potatoes unless you know the recipe or you watch someone make it.

Scraping My Life Away: Storage Ideas - Sequins

Glitz and Glam

While playing around on YouTube, I ran across a really fun idea for sequin storage. I had previously thought of this with my beads, but lets face it, I have too many beads for that. I love the look of this, especially out for display. I stumbled upon Mercy Tiara on YouTube and Blogger and have been fascinated for hours. I have watched several of her videos now. I am getting very inspired to scrapbook again. She has a whole series on the scrapbooking subscription service I found and how she uses her kits each month!

Here is the blog post about the storage idea and the video for those who are interested in seeing it.

I have several of these that I ordered for jewelry making that are just too large for pendants. I am excited to put them to good use now. I will provide a link, here, for some glass jars if you are interested in using them for any projects or storage ideas you have.

Fresh Start Challenge Day 25: 5 Letters

To Those Who Have Impacted My Life

     I can't believe that is has been 13 years now. It still feels like it was yesterday. You have impacted my life in so many ways. From striving to be the young woman you would want me to be, to the way I appreciate watching things grow, you are all around me. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you or that I do not wish you were here. I know you are with me always, but sometimes I need your guidance. There are so many things that I wish I could share with you. I hope that you are proud of the woman I am becoming and where I am going in my life. You inspire me every day to be the best that I can be. I love you and I miss you more with each passing day.

     "I am not sure that she will ever walk again." You have impacted me by taking those words and letting them fuel you to prove them wrong. Not only are you my mother, but you are my greatest encouragement to overcome anything that is thrown my way. You have impacted my life by showing me that no one can define what I can and cannot do. Only I can. You truly are a blessing and the greatest mother that I could have asked for. God knew what he was doing when he blessed me with you.

Tess Munster,
     I have not had the pleasure of meeting you face to face, but your movement has inspired me to love who I am. Every plump inch of it. Seeing the way that you rock your body with confidence has shown me that I do not have to be a size 2 to be beautiful. So many bigger woman struggle to find who they are in a world that is built for small women. The impact you have had on my life in the last year has been remarkable. I took your words and I let them fuel me to learn to love my body one piece at a time. I still have a long way to go, but with a wonderful woman like you to look up to, I know I will one day be able to flaunt who I am proudly with my head held high and a smile on my lips.

    You may not be my child, but you showed me what it is like to be a mother and to love with every inch of my being. You came into this world and instantly stole so many hearts, mine included. You have helped me grow as a person and to prepare me for when I am blessed with little ones of my own. Watching you grow has impacted how I look at life and motherhood. I now understand why they say motherhood is to watch your heart parade around the world outside of your body. You are growing up way too fast. I am watching you become a young man too quickly.

To My Girls,
     I never had a clue when you walked into my life that you would change everything. I wasn't expecting to get so close to you that not having you around would hurt. There is not a day that goes by that you don't inspire me, lift me up, and strengthen me. You are constantly by my side and have shown me just how amazing it is to let it go and be free. I have watched each of you blossom and grow. You encourage me to strive for the best in myself. Some people may view our friendship as one that has changed who I am; however, every change that I see is for the better. You will always be a part of me. I am not sure this world is ready for us to be together. <3

For The Love Of Lush!!!

Lush Haul

I just love when I get a Lush order! When I picked the box up, I was automatically greeted with this delicious scent. I just stood there sniffing it like a crazy person! There is four products that was in this order that I will not be able to show. +Nate has a few surprises and I don't want to ruin them for him. (They all smell amazing though!)

Herbalism Sample - As mentioned before, Lush includes a sample with every online order. This is a cleanser for troubled skin. I still plan to try it, but when I opened it I gagged. It has a terrible scent. I usually don't mind herbal scents; however, I think the alfalfa plant extract is what killed it for me. Unlike the Grease Lightning scent, this is just overpowering.

Charity Pot Body Lotion - I kept my vow to always order one of these with each order. With my previous one, as soon as I seen the bottom of the pot I started to panic to get another one. I have fallen in love with this lotion for my hands and elbows. I have always had trouble with rough elbows; however, after a few uses, this took care of it no problem. I still swear that is smells like Tootsie Rolls and roses.

Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb - Unfortunately they no longer sell it, but it smells heavenly. I cannot wait to drop this in a bath. The scent seemed a little light through the package though.

Big Blue Bath Bomb - For those who know me, knew I would be ordering one of these eventually. I was worried about the lavender being too much, but it is just right even though I don't care for lavender. This beach bum is ready to sail away with this.

Space Girl Bath Bomb - You know when you want your order to even out in price, so you go looking for that one item. This was it for me. I have heard good things about blackcurrant, so why not? The grapefruit adds just the right hint of citrus. Somehow a touch of water had gotten to the side of mine, but there wasn't a lot of damage.

Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb - Outside of Big Blue, I was most excited about this! The scent definitely does not disappoint. Not only is the concept behind this spectacular, but it is said to perform wonderfully as well. I was warned to have some apple pie before using it, +Mary Ann I think you are wise for suggesting that.

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly - This had me at "sour cherry". I love all things cherry. I love how sweet and succulent this smells. I was wondering about the texture, so I stuck my finger on top and used a little pressure. It is springy and gooey like something I played with as a child. I am easily amused and fascinated by that. I may or may not have spent a few minutes feeling it.

You Snap The Whip Body Butter - This was a purchase for my mom. She seems rather pleased with it. I enjoyed the scent as well. I may have to borrow it and try it out as well. It was a little softer than we had anticipated.

You Have No Power Over Me

I Am Not Yours To Break

This is a blog about power. The power not to let you tear me down. After all this time, your memory wants to rear it's ugly head with all the terrible things you ever said; however, that just proves my worth. I may have cried for an hour or two, but you can't keep me down. If I wasn't worth anything, like you led me to believe, you wouldn't have stayed how long you did. You wouldn't have felt the need to fabricate lies not only about me, but yourself as well. Remember your audience was more of the ones that you hurt and treated the same way. 

There will come a time when someone asks you why you did the things you did. Maybe then you will stop to think of what you did. The lives you could have ruined. I doubt that you will, but in some sense you will have to answer for the things you have done.

We are the strong ones. I may not have stood up to you then, but I will not be silenced by you again. I will not let a ghost dictate my life and how I feel. We are the ones that got away. We have went on to live our lives wonderfully. We have bonded together and more than mended the things you have broken. You made us stronger. In our strength, you cannot bring us down. You cannot bring me down.

Let's be honest here, I was too much woman for your narrow mind. It takes a true man to see the exquisite form in something abstract and unique. I am like a beautifully cracked stained glass. I may have a few imperfections, yet I still glow when the light shines through me. I have more interest with my fractures of glass, they are my stories. I am made stronger by my resistance to break.

Do You Wanna Make Some Cupcakes?

Instant Happiness

There is something to be said when one small human can walk into your life and turn your world upside down. I knew I loved her the minute he told me about her, and the first time I saw her took my breath away. There has been many times that I have wondered how things were going to turn out. Would she like me? Would she want me to have her? Can she love me as much as I love her? Being five, she already has her opinions of the world. Who was to say I would fit into her little world?

My little angel talked to me today. It was like the planets were all aligning. It didn't take long for us to find things that we both love. She even found the age appropriate version of Wreck This Journal for herself! Then she made my heart stop with this picture and the words,
"Look Jessie we can bake together."

Everyone knows that I love to make sweets. So I got her all excited by telling her that she gets to help me make candy around Christmas time this year. I could feel her light up with joy. We went on to share our love for crafts and coloring. Next up:

I am looking forward to teaching her how to make jewelry as she grows up. For now she gets to help me pick out beads and accessories. I think I may be more excited about this than she is, but I love making jewelry. We talked for most of the evening and more and more I watched her blossom and felt me opening up too.

And then she completely shattered my heart in the best way possible.

I knew I wanted her from the begining, but every worry and every doubt was erased in one moment in time. My heart stopped and my life rearranged itself. For the first time, I felt like a mother.
I love you Jessie
I love you too Avary

This Week On Pinterest...

My Top 15 Pins From The Past Week

Cherry Pie Bars - Sweets are my thing! Add in my favorite with cherries, and I am so excited to try these. I know a few people that will love these to no end!

Jane Inspired Outfit - I am in love with this! It is gorgeous! I have already found the necklace here.

Dino Dig - I think my library children will love this idea for some of the dinosaur books I have picked out. It helps that Ms. Up is extremely excited as well.

Pastel Water Color Stamping Tutorial - Gearing up for when I am able to scrapbook again. I will also be trying cards with some of my new tools and toys.

Stitch Travel Tumbler - This is just adorable with it looking like Stitch is trapped in your drink.

Peacock Bridal Tiara - When +Mary Ann showed me this I screamed. It is perfect and stunning.

Quote - This spoke to my heart. It is all the words that I couldn't find to express my thoughts.

Painting With Eggs - If allowed, I would love to do this at work for art. I also plan to do this at home for a fun date and stress relief.

Together List - Speaking of dates... Here is a fun list of small things I think we will enjoy doing together and as a family.

Girly Dream Catcher - I have been making dream catchers for years, but I am excited to try this new spin on them.

Icy Imaginary Play - Lets visit Antarctica and the penguins in the library as we have fun while learning!

Colorful Chandelier - I have to contain myself when talking about this! I love it so much. It is eccentric and strange.

Washi Tape Tea Light Favors - I love this idea for washi tape! It is adorable and will make wonderful favors and small thank yous!

Stunning Gingerbread House - I cannot wait to recreate this beautiful gingerbread house for the holidays!

Recipe Scrapbook Page - This is a gorgeous layout and idea for my scrapbook. I have several recipes I would love to preserve like this.