Maybelline #VividMatte Review - Influenster

Hello my lovelies! Today we are reviewing a product thanks to the lovely people over at Influenster. Are you an Influenster? If not, I don't know what you are waiting on, but if you will stick around, I will leave a link for you to sign up at the end of this blog. Being part of the #VividMatte VoxBox, I had the opportunity to try two  shades from the new Vivid Matte Liquids from Maybelline, so let's get started!

Maybelline Vivd Matte Review

If I Could Be A Mermaid...

It is no secret that the ocean calls to me. Even though I love Disney more and more lately, the beach will always be my home. For me, the beach is where I am mostly myself. I am calm and centered, free. So if I was a mermaid, what color would my tail be? Today I am writing about just that, thanks to a question from Dylan from Mickey Ears With A Mohawk.

If I were a mermaid

A Series of Firsts - A Personal Blog

Hello, my lovelies. Today, I want to talk about something more personal, something that I am facing in my life currently. This will be very personal post, and filled with emotions. If that isn't your thing, I understand and thank you for stopping by. I will have a regular post up very soon. I have some exciting things coming up. For everyone else, get comfy and get cozy. I am not sure how long this post will be, and I apologize if it is a bit scattered.

Current Favorite Healthy Snacks

Hello lovelies! It is hot outside and you are reaching for a snack, what do you grab? Today I am sharing a few of my favorite healthy snacks that I grab for, especially when it is the summer months. All of these I purchased at my local Walmart. I have shared links to specific items as well as calorie counts to those items. Let's get started!

Love, Suicide, and a Steampunk Fairy Twist - May Reading Wrap Up

June has now arrived and I am left wondering where this year has decided to go to. May was a productive month for reading. Heart warming, gut wrenching, and the occasional scare provides for a good month of books. Let's get started on what I read this month.

If you are new to my monthly wrap ups, here is some terminology to help you throughout this post:
PSRC: Popsugar Reading Challenge
DIRC: Disney Inspired Reading Challenge (Created by A Girl From Alabama)
-You can find the post for her challenges here and here