Embracing Confidence: Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

Hello, lovelies! If you are anything like me, you change your clothes multiple times before leaving. After three or four outfit changes you go back to the same outfit you have worn time and time ago. Like Cogsworth says, "if it's not baroque, don't fix it." So today I am working with some amazing people to show you some items that I want to try that would usually make me very self-conscious.

Currently Reading - Week 12

Hello, my darlings! I know what you are thinking... that I have abandoned you. I am sorry for that. It has been quite a bit since I last posted anything, especially anything pertaining to books. My absence is in part due to personal situations; however, during that time I also wasn't reading very much at all. This past week, I started getting back into reading and managed to finish a few. I am hoping to get back to a more regularly scheduled posting soon. 

Currently Reading - Week 9

Hello, lovelies! I am a little late this week, but I had some family situations to deal with. February is now over and we are heading into March full steam ahead. So far, March doesn't look my best reading month because I have gotten nothing done yet. I was able to finish out February strong with both books I was currently reading. I reached, and passed, my reading goal for the month. Let's see what I was able to finish.

Currently Reading - Week 8

Hello, lovelies! It has been an addicting week of reading. I found myself sucked into a trilogy, more on that in a bit, and I couldn't stop reading. My blogging has really fallen by the wayside; however, my reading has been going good. I am still ahead in my schedule for completing the reading challenge and in my goodreads goal. How is your reading going this week? Stay tuned to see wat I thought of all the books I have been reading this week.

Currently Reading - Week 7

Hello, darlings. Welcome back to another week of reading for me. This has been a rough week; however, I have been trying to maintain somewhat of a reading schedule. Still pushing through Hidden Figures that I mentioned last week, I decided to add in a few things this week. Let's see how this has worked out.