Currently Reading - Week 12

Hello, my darlings! I know what you are thinking... that I have abandoned you. I am sorry for that. It has been quite a bit since I last posted anything, especially anything pertaining to books. My absence is in part due to personal situations; however, during that time I also wasn't reading very much at all. This past week, I started getting back into reading and managed to finish a few. I am hoping to get back to a more regularly scheduled posting soon. 

Currently Reading - Week 9

Hello, lovelies! I am a little late this week, but I had some family situations to deal with. February is now over and we are heading into March full steam ahead. So far, March doesn't look my best reading month because I have gotten nothing done yet. I was able to finish out February strong with both books I was currently reading. I reached, and passed, my reading goal for the month. Let's see what I was able to finish.