Etsy Sticker Haul - Shopping On A Budget

Hello, dearies! Today, we are taking a look at some of the stickers I have recently purchased. I am a planner babe. I fell down the rabbit hole a few years back thanks to The Girl From Alabama, and I never looked back. Part of what I love is being able to decorate my planner. It is also something that we say together as besties.

Etsy Sticker Haul

Currently Reading - Week 4

Hello, lovelies! This week I have been really focusing on reading. I set a goal to complete some things no matter what the days looked like, and I think I did pretty well. I am currently two books ahead of schedule on Goodreads and one book ahead of schedule for the Popsugar Reading Challenge.

Currently Reading

Who Is In My Cart - Etsy Edition

Hello, lovelies! It is later in the evening as I am starting to write this; however, I thought it would be a fun idea to give you a peek into my Etsy cart. Being a planner girl, I am constantly on the lookout for new shops, sticker kits I love, and accessories to go with it.

Crying Out In Faith, Not Fear

Hello, darlings! Sometimes, when we are afraid, it is easier for us to call out in fear. Many times in the Bible it states, "Do not be afraid." Yet putting our faith in something greater than we are isn't always easy. Today, I want to talk about doing just that: crying out in faith, not fear.

Currently Reading - Week 3

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to week three of reading here on my blog! It was a slow reading week for me; however, I did manage to finish up another book for my reading challenge. Let's see what I am reading at the moment.

Three Things I Put Before My Children

Hiya Lovelies! I hope you are all doing well. Becoming a mother is a special gift and today's post is inspired by that. Based on a picture I found floating around, it made me think. We all know the mothers willing to throw down anything for their children, that believe their children come before everything else in life. Today, I want to explain why I am not one of those mothers.

Pinterest Takeover - Using Up Supplies

Hello all you beautiful souls! I was struggling to come up with a topic for today, so I had the best (or maybe worst) idea... Pinterest! I started looking for blog post ideas and got lost in a tundra of looking through all pins. Which lead me to this post. Get your craftiness ready.

Currently Reading - Week 2

Hello darlings! It has been a busy week, but I still managed to squeeze in a bit of reading time. This week my focus was on reading at least once of my Popsugar Reading Challenge books. With a trip through a mirror, time traveling, and ice covering everything, let's have a look at what my week in books looks like.

Random Acts of Kindness

Hello my dearies! Yesterday was a very busy day for me, but as you can tell by the title I was the suspect of something glorious. The act in itself is something beautiful; however, it was what the giver said to me that stuck and has me thinking. So lets backtrack a bit...

Struggling With Anxiety And How I Plan To Improve

Hello everyone. Today, I want to talk about a difficult topic, one that is not only hard for me to open up and talk about, but it is also a topic that is very personal for me. It is a daily struggle that I face and something I don't talk about often enough. This is my journey, my road to progress, my path to accepting the grace I so often give others without giving myself. So settle in with a cup of tea or coffee, whichever you please, or pass this post by if you feel so inclined.

Currently Reading - Week 1

Hello lovelies! Welcome back to my first book review post of the year. Moving to a weekly post instead of a monthly post (I may still do a monthly wrap up with how things are going overall), I want to discuss my reading for the year, so let's begin!

Currently Reading

Upcoming Changes

Hiya dear! Today, I want to chat with you about some upcoming changes that you can expect to see in my blog in the coming months. I am wanting to really focus on evolving and improving the way that my blog is. Here is what you have to look forward to:

Setting Up 2017 In My Erin Condren - Using My Note Pages

Hiya lovelies! It is a new year and a time for new beginnings. Many take the beginning of a new year to set goals, resolutions, and evaluate their lives; however, January also means a new planner for me. 2016 was a year of exploration in my planner and in bullet journaling. Going into this year, I wanted to set up a few pages in my planner to get me started, so I thought I would share them with you today.