Embracing Confidence: Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

Hello, lovelies! If you are anything like me, you change your clothes multiple times before leaving. After three or four outfit changes you go back to the same outfit you have worn time and time ago. Like Cogsworth says, "if it's not baroque, don't fix it." So today I am working with some amazing people to show you some items that I want to try that would usually make me very self-conscious.

Every person has that best friend that pushes you and challenges you to break out of your comfort zone and to try something new. As a plus size woman, it isn't always easy to have the confidence to try new things. I tend to find something I like and wear it until it falls apart... literally. For me, my best friends Hunter (The Girl From Alabama) and Carolina (The Sparkle Inside The Mason Jar), are the ones that constantly encourage me to step outside my usual and to not pay attention to how others think I should dress. Recently Hunter was approached by the lovely ladies at Dia&Co to do a blog about promoting confidence and trying new things. Hunter was sweet enough to give her my contact information as well.

For those of you who don't know, Dia&Co is a subscription based service for clothing size 16 and up. When you sign up you take a quiz and a stylist will personally hand pick five items for your box. This is a subscription that I am very excited to try in the future. The great thing about it? You can skip the dressing room and the hassle of trying things on in the store. The items are sent to you, you pay for the items you love and return the ones you don't.

When they reached out to me about writing a similar post about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things, I couldn't resist. So let's get into the items I chose:

Photo via Swimsuitsforall
Gabi Fresh Reflection Swimsuit
For many years now I have only worn swimsuits that cover everything. Most of the swimsuits I would purchase either have a skirt or I would wear long shorts with them (even to swim in). Once I saw a YouTuber haul this bathing suit, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Not only would I be showing my thighs, the cut-outs would also be showing some problem areas for me. For me, this bathing suit challenges me to love myself more no matter the shape I am.

Photo via Lindy Bop
Lindy Bop Swing Skirt - Vera
Vintage style... it is something that I have always wanted to try. Growing up going to car shows I would see the women in the 1950's and 1960's style clothing and dream about wearing it myself. Until recent years I didn't know it was possible to find these styles for plus sizes. Finding this brand was like a dream come true. This skirt embodies the style I want to try and also a part of my past I have always been criticized for. I love that I can simply wear it with a plain t-shirt.

Photo via Torrid
Mickey & Minnie Floral Print Leggings
Here is an example of when I have let the opinions of others influence my choices of clothing. I was told from a very young age about wearing patterns that were too busy, especially on the bottom. Ever since then I have always shied away from printed leggings. One of the challenges I want to give myself is to wear printed pants. Since I am a Disney nerd, I think this is the perfect way to include a fun pattern.
Photo via Modcloth

Modcloth Denim Romper
Overalls were a staple in my father's wardrobe. Something I never thought I should wear. With the return of more and more overalls and rompers, I often tell myself I can't because of my size. Once I saw these, I knew I had to try. Like I mentioned before, my thighs are especially a problem area for me as well as my stomach. Finding the confidence to try these would be a huge step forward for me.

There are many other styles I have never tried simply because I didn't feel like I could pull them off at my size. I have often let the voices of other influence me in negative ways. Don't wear stripes, black is slimming, don't stand out, don't show your flaws, and on and on. It is time to break out of that trend and find my confidence in my own skin. Hunter and Carolina have been the most supportive women in my journey to finding confidence in myself. I want to encourage all of you to find your confidence in your own skin. Try new styles! You never know what you will love on your body unless you put it on and wear it out. And just remember, you are beautiful, confident, and strong.