Worlds Apart

There is something to be said about really being loved. There has been times in my life were I thought I was in love. This isn't to question or lessen those times. I am sure I felt some sort of love, but not this. This is an all consuming and burning love.

London Love

It is a wonderful feeling to love and be loved in return. Not just for your looks or for what you give them. The full force of it hits you out of nowhere, and from that point forward you have random moments of realization. Like the first time you realize that even though you are apart, they will miss you.

Right now, my other half is on his first trip away from me. I am not quite sure what all has went through my mind, but I have been a ball of emotions and thoughts. It all melts away when I see how happy and excited he is. Even though I would love to share this with him, I think it is better this way. He needed the time away and I needed the realizations I am having.

Being in love knows no bounds or limits. I am amazed at the random moments. The thoughts and feelings behind what we do. This has been a life changing experience, as any love should be. I have grown and matured. I have learned the true meaning and value of a human being. Not just any human being, but my love.

I am thankful today for the chance to grow and love. To see the happiness that spreads across his face when he experiences new things. There is nothing more beautiful and extravagant than loving without reservation.