Popsugar Must Have - December 2014

Many will say "It's the most wonderful time of the year." This is the Popsugar Must Have subscription box for December 2014 I have been waiting for. A Christmas gift to myself some would say. The wait seemed to take forever. I stalked my email and my mailbox. You can imagine my excitement when it was delivered to my doorstep. Lets get into all the lovelies and what I think about them. You may even see a product the is perfect for the Pantone Color of the Year for 2015!

Popsugar Must Have

When opening this box, I squealed. This Christmas I made a ton of candy and cookies, so I was excited to receive a cupcake mix (Even though I haven't used it yet). I was happy to see the color match up with the scarf and the necklace. Popsugar even has my back for the New Year with a lip product from the Marsala family!

Gold Scarf
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For the love of all things scarves! I was beyond thrilled to receive another scarf in the box for December. I love the light grey color that will make it easy to pair this with many outfits. The speckled gold detail adds just the right amount of detail and color. This scarf is luxuriously soft. I had my doubts about it being anything more than a statement piece; therefore, I didn't think it would add much warmth until I wore it out and a slightly chilly day. It was perfect for this Alabama weather.

Gift Tags
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I am excited to see a product from Etsy in this months box. Buying from small businesses is something I love to do, and I am starting to love the idea of buying from them more and more. I love the simplicity of the products offered in this shop. The owner expresses her love for brown paper packages wrapped up in string... with a pop of color. Many will see these tags as a quick gift giving tag; however, I see them differently. I am looking at these tags as embellishments for scrapbooking and card making. I am smitten with this gorgeous blue.

Statement Necklace
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Being a silver-tone loving girl, this was slightly disappointing to open; however, after looking at it more, I fell in love. This necklace was made alongside Popsugar for there Must Have boxes. The description on their site states that is was made "to emulate the style worn by Amy Adams on the Red Carpet." The sparkle in the faux diamond is stunning. The chain is long and great for layering as well. What strikes me the most is the subtle detail in the chain itself. It make be hard to discern in the picture above, but it appears to have tiny knots/beads periodically throughout the chain. I love the soft touch that it adds. I did end up pairing this with the scarf that I talked about above.

Cupcake Mix
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I have not made these yet, but I am excited to try them. I am not a huge vanilla cupcake person though. Maybe these will change my view on them. I like the packaging they use. The use of various circle shapes and colors it draws your eyes to the different facts about the products.

Smashbox Lip
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This stunning lip lacquer has a creamy consistency and beautiful color payoff. This shade is perfect for the Pantone color selection for 2015, Marsala. I was worried about how dark the color is; however, I was surprised by how much I liked it. The applicator is different from any other applicator I have seen. It is not the typical doe foot shape. It is flat on each side. This configuration both helped and hindered me. I was able to get in closely to my lip line, but my cupids bow was slightly harder to fill in smoothly. Overall, I was pleased with this product. I only wore this for a short period of time and I did not have any staining issues when taking it off. I will test out the long wear aspect of this product at a later date.

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Featuring a hand painted platinum interior, this gorgeous porcelain bowl can be used for many things. I love the uneven detail that the hand painted platinum lends to the subtle contrast. It is heavy in weight and the perfect size to a small centerpiece. I am thinking about using this to collect small pieces in my craft area. I would love to hear more ideas on how to use and display this piece.

What do you think about this months Popsugar Must Have box? Is this a subscription that you think you would enjoy? Let me know in the comments below what you favorite item from this box is.