Just A Little Chat

I know that I have been blogging rather sporadically lately. It has been just very normal things, nothing special. So today, I wanted to just have a tiny chat about things going on in my life.

Are you happy? A simple question that imposes great thought and reflection. With the new year, comes new changes. I have been using many resources to find joy in small things. I am a very anxious person. I tend to think about details for extreme links. I know this can hinder my perception and naturally cause more stress and less smiles. I am working to change that. My goal is to become excited and overjoyed with life again. To not let the little things weigh too heavily on my shoulders.

In all of this processing, I have decided to become a better girlfriend. Not just to love him, but to strive to provide a happy and encouraging environment for him. I truly believe it is key since we are still apart. Love is something time and distance cannot tear down. I don't want to stop at just using our Love Languages to build our relationship. I want to find more things that work for us.

My planner has become slightly dusty. I sometimes go weeks before I go back and decorate. I have kept up with my sticky notes, but I haven't found the amusement in it so much. My favorite parts are my journaling in the monthly view. I use it to go back and see the moments that seemed important to me. The moments that made me smile. I am also using it to keep track of my daily courses and fulfilment within my new favorite app, Happier.

Books, books, and even more books. I set my first reading goal on Goodreads this year. I set it big for me, but very small for others. It has helped me become even more excited when it comes to finishing a book. I have started this year in a reading roller coaster and I want to stay on course. Reading is my escape and my vacation from the things around me. It inspires me. Even finding book related channels on YouTube keeps me satisfied for hours at a time. I am also trying to read things that I wouldn't usually read. Like now, I am reading a book that is centered just after WWII. Not something I would usually pick up, I avoid topics of war relatively often. I started this is hopes to better understand my daughters love for all things historic fiction, especially war times.

Christmas time fueled my creative side. It put the wheels in my mind in motion to start working on more and more projects. I am still limited for what I can do, but that doesn't stop me from finding ideas for when I have more space and more supplies. I have become engulfed in YouTube videos, blogs, and Pinterest ideas for crafts.

What has the new year brought into perspective for you? Has it made you reevaluate how you are living? Let me know what makes you a happier person, what books you are reading, and ways that you make you significant other feel loved and appreciated. Thanks for sticking with me and listening to the random thought bubbles popping up today. Be looking for my new posts coming out soon.

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