Sunday's Questions with The Girl From Alabama

Thought Provoking Questions and Answers
It is time for another addition of Sunday's Questions with The Girl From Alabama. This week, she picked the questions for us to answer together. From a list of thought provoking questions, we pick five a week and pour our hearts out. It is a time to let our readers see a little deeper into our lives and our thoughts. The good, the bad, and the not so pretty is layed out for you.

What dream have I been ignoring?

Creativity requires the Courage to let go of Undertainty. By Erich Fromm
-Erich Fromm
-My dream to create. Be it jewelry, scrapbooking, cards, blogging... my creative dreams have been placed on a back burner. What others don't see is the planning behind the scenes for things coming up, but that has given me the perfect excuse to abandon the current situation and stop my current creativity. Creating things is something that I have always loved to do. Even when I am critical of myself, I can still look at what I have done and smile because I created it
with my own hands.

What "flaw" can I accept today?

-My sensitivity. As of lately, this has become more and more of a "flaw" in my eyes. When I took the time to really analyze my anxiety and my fears, I came to realize that most if not all of them are linked back to my sensitivity. Whether it is something that someone has done to me in the past, the way I take something that is said to me, or just over all sensitivity, it has become more evident to me. God has blessed me with this ability, it is time to use it in a way that benefits him, not in a way that harbors anxiety and fear which I know he does not want for me and my life.

Where can I show more of my true self?

-Everywhere. I have a tendency to be tense and guarded. Those close to me know the real me, but in that they always know when I put up walls or try to hide behind something. I want to be more joyful and present in my true self. I want to break down barriers and be unashamed of who I am.

Unbelievable sights, indescribable feelings. Soaring, tumbling, free-wheeling through an endless diamond sky. From Aladdin
What is my body craving?

-Adventure and fun! My body is craving travel and exploration with people that make me happy. I am craving new experiences, new surrounds, and laughter. I know this answer is broad in some senses, but my body is craving change. I trust in God's timing and I can feel Him preparing me for something bigger and even better than what I had pictured or planned for myself.

What new patterns and habits can I invite into my life?

-Happiness and laughter. Health and fitness. These are the habits and patterns that I know will keep me young and alive. I tend to take things seriously way too much. If there is a worse case scenario, you better believe I am thinking it. I want to create the habit of being happy, carefree, and relaxed in my life. For my health and fitness it is time to pay attention to what my body is telling me, treat it naturally, and keep it moving.

I hope that you enjoyed this eye opening segment. Please stick around for next weeks questions and answers as I open up again. Now head on over to The Girl From Alabama by follow this link, to read her answers.