A Book I Couldn't Help But Throw And Why - Monthly Reading Wrap Up

September has flown by and it is already time for me to tell you what I have been reading this month. The Popsugar Reading Challenge is starting to dwindle down, but I have loved every minute of it. (If you would like to see a completed wrap up when I finish, let me know I will be glad to.) From tears and throwing books, it has been a month of ups and downs in my reading. So lets stop chatting and get to the good stuff!

Currently Reading

Beach Plum Island by Holly Robison
Beach Plum Island Ava is living her divorced life with two boys by the beach. There she can do her pottery and relish in the beauty surrounding her. Tragedy soon strikes her family at the death of her father and the whispered words to her before he passes: "Your brother should know the truth." Ava had no clue she even had a brother. Is these the words of a man that is suffering and delirious, or are there family secrets long buried? Follow Ava, her sister, and her half sister on the journey to finding there way in the world without their father and to unraveling the mystery set before them.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy to deal with, but when that loss brings about unknown secrets, it can make things more difficult. I loved the different aspects of this story and how they dealt with the loss. One of the things I enjoyed is that the back covered didn't give away everything; however, it was enough to hook you. I found myself rooting for the love prospects in this book. The setting was nicely described and detailed. I absolutely loved the mention of one of my favorite animals: "...the appearance of a belligerent hedgehog." It was a very fun light hearted read. I could really picture someone enjoying this by the pool or with their toes in the ocean.

Popsugar Reading Challenge: A Book With A Color In The Title

Saga #1
Saga Vol 1 What happens when two worlds collide in a war and are forbidden to mix? There are those that believe the war is pointless and those who are raised to fight. Saga is the graphic novel of two lovers from different planets at war with each other. They only want to escape and live out their lives together with their daughter; however, many are bent on stopping them. Will they be able to escape the grasps of those hunting them? Or will one of them be lost in the process?

Although this graphic novel contained some adult content, I enjoyed the overall story. I have had my eye on this one for some time, and for my first step back into graphic novels, I was very satisfied. The art work I found to be beautiful and really lent itself to the over all feel of the work. Since this was part of my reading challenge, I had no intentions of getting attached and continuing with the series; however, I think I may pick up the others in the future if I am ever in the mood to read more graphic novels.

Popsugar Reading Challenge: A Graphic Novel

The Perks Of Being A WallflowerThe Perks of Being a Wallflower Working his way through his first year of high school, Charlie isn't the most popular kid. One night at a football game, he decides to take a risk and talk to who he that was a couple. Quickly, he became friends with the brother/sister duo. As he starts to attend parties with them, others in attendance soon realize he is the perfect thing... a wallflower. He listens and rarely talks. But what happens when his erratic behavior returns? Will he lose what little friends he has worked so hard to make?

This is a very unique coming of age story. It is personal and it is real. Even if these are issues you never faced in high school, you can relate to being on the fringes of a world you are trying to understand. High school is a scary place, especially for someone who is different and does not quite fit it. Finding friends that help you through these times are important. I wish this would have been a book I read as a teen. Even though there is topics of sex and drugs, it also holds a message of hope: There will be good times and there will be bad times, you just have to make it through each day.

Popsugar Reading Challenge: A Banned Book

Endless Knight by Kresley Cole
Endless Knight In this continuation of The Arcana Chronicles, Evie is faced with more danger, bagmen, and decisions. As she takes on the lead of the group of Arcana and one human, the words of Matthew still taunt her in riddle form. Under attack, they must fight back or flee. With a budding relationship with bad boy Jack heats to a boiling point, Death isn't to happy and promises Evie will be dead by the end of the weak. Will the cannibals capture them? Or will Death carry on his streak of taking out The Empress?

I am glad I bought this in paperback and not on my Kindle. I threw it. And I know by the rating you are wondering why... The ending. I have never loved and hated so much at once. How can you give me what I have been wanting and make me hate it at the same time?! This was the first book I have thrown since New Moon. I need the third book in my life now. Even then I will find myself waiting for the fourth book. I am hooked. I find myself in a love triangle, and for once, I have no idea which person I want her to be with her more. The character development, world building, and unique aspects of this series has me reeling at all times. Kresley Cole has now placed herself in with my favorite authors.

Popsugar Reading Challenge: A Book That Scares You

It may have been a short month for me, but I loved what I did read, especially Endless Knight. Can we take a moment to talk about how gorgeous that cover is?! What are some of the books you read this month? Are there any that you found that you just couldn't put down? Leave your recommendations down below. Have you read any of these books? I would love to talk about them more! Until next months wrap up, read what you love and love what you read!