Let's Talk Faith - How Many Times Do I Betray Him?

From time to time, something just weighs on your heart heavily. Not matter how many times you try to focus on something else, you just keep coming back to what is on your mind. For today, I am just going with it. So please excuse me if this post is a little rambly.


I was reading something today that hit home with me. Lysa TerKeurst posted about the betrayal of Peter. I will link her post here.
She says, "When my words, my thoughts, or my thoughtless actions don't honor Him, they betray the reality I know Him."
How many times a day do I do just that?

I have been a believer for most of my life; however, many times I have turned my back on Jesus when it was fitting to deny him, when the people in my life didn't believe as I do, or when I was too selfish to give up the darkness in my life. For the past few months I have been working hard to learn and study the word like never before. I am only a few miles into a journey that will last a lifetime. One thing I have learned is that I am not perfect in my belief, nor will I ever be. I am often content with sitting back and keeping my mouth shut for fear of offending others. My recent study has taught me that I will offend many, but only because they do not live by the light in which I live. That is not to say I am any better than they are; however, that is to say that I have more people who I need to pray for.

How many more times will I betray Him, turn my back on Him, and deny His name?

I am standing up for my faith, and I am calling for my fellow believers to stand with me. Let's show God just how much we worship Him and follow Him. I ask that you all join me in fellowship and in prayer for those who sin and fall short of his glory on a daily basis. Heavens knows I am willing to admit that I do that.

How has your faith brought you through a tough time in your life? I would love to hear your testimony.