Book Partner Tag - With Mouse Ears With A Mohawk

Welcome back my dearies, and if you are new to my blog, I am so glad that you stopped by! Today, I am working on something different and special to me. Traveling around the Booktube community is a book partner tag. Each person gets the chance to ask a set amount of book related questions and some personal questions as well. Joining me today is someone rather special, Dylan from Mouse Ears With A Mohawk. Here is how it all works: we have each asked each other 15 book/reading related questions and 3 personal questions. Stay tuned until the end and I will link you over to his post as well. So let's get started!

Book Partner Tag

1. What character from your top 2 favorite books would make a perfect mash up character?

Jerrod from Old Magic and Evie from Poison Princess (More the series over all)

2. What songs would be on your favorite book's soundtrack?

I am taking the easy way out. Anything from the following artists (Off the top of my head): Shinedown, Luke Bryan, Halestorm, Adele, Savage Garden, and Lindsey Sterling

3.How long have you gone without reading?

Months, it was a very tragic reading slump

4. Name a book that made you angry.

Dead of Winter or New Moon

5. Are there any characters' names that you would name your children after?

Kate, Evangeline, Celia, Annabel, Jerrod, Emery, Gabriel, Raffe, Aric, and many many more

6. Favorite reading position.

Usually just sitting. I tend to fall asleep if I lay down to read

7. What does a book have to have for you to read it?

Something to draw me in. A character that is intriguing, a unique plot line, or a beautiful cover

8. What book setting would you love to be in the setting besides Harry Potter?

I would love to be in the Shadow Hunter world

9. What is your favorite holiday setting for a book?

Snowy firesides during Christmas

10. Character that reminds you of someone in your family?

Evie from the Arcana Chronicles. Being able to seed and grow things from literally nothing. She reminds me of my grandfather who was a very skilled farmer. I do not know of anything that he couldn't grow. I often wish I had his ability to grow things.

11. What distracts you from reading?

Just about anything. Others talking and the Internet are the most common issues

12. If you could read in a foreign language what would it be in?


13. How do you feel about giving bad rating/reviews to books?

I always feel bad about it. I try very often to justify the book and not to leave a bad rating. I have to really dislike a book to give a bad review.

14. Book you don't want to admit to reading, but you have to now.

Fifty Shades of Grey... or any adult romance with rather adult content

15. How many books is too many in series?

I usually start to lose interest around 5, unless it is something I really love or that is new and inventive

1. Be read or sung to sleep?

Both, always both.

2. Would you rather be a giant or microscopic?

Microscopic. I would never want to draw attention to myself

3. What's something you learned in the last week?

I learned more about silent migraines; however, the one thing I learned that meant the most to me is the value of being set free. (Although not the current answer to this, since this has been a draft of mine for a while, it is an answer that still holds a lot of merit and importance to me.)

If you could ask someone any book related questions, what would they be? What are some of your favorites from this post? Dylan asked some very unique questions, some of which I have never been asked or even thought of before. As promised, don't forget to hop on over to his post to see what fun and exciting questions I asked him. I hope to see you all again soon!