Reading Update: Reading Goals, New Releases, and Reading Slumps

Hello my lovelies! It is already the middle of August and this is my first post in a while. I will cover more on that in just a moment, but today I wanted to talk about my reading. This won't be a typical wrap up and review situation; however, I am covering a lot of things: what I have been reading, my reading pace, and what I am looking forward to in the near future. So let's get started.

You may have been wondering where I have been. We will start with my lack of motivation. It has been a struggle to get myself motivated to do just about anything at the moment. I am slowly powering my way back into something more normal and routine. A small chunk of my time away was due to a lack of a laptop. Mine decided it was thirsty; however, it rejected the liquid as beneficial and has since to wake up again. (In other words, I left a drink too close and in the heat it decide to sweat and leak into my laptop.) I am working my way back to posting more, finding more ideas, and creating content that everyone wants to see.

So how have I been doing with my reading? Not the greatest in the world, even though my Goodreads Challenge says I am 8 books ahead of schedule on the path to reading 50 books this year. With 138 days left to go, I think I can hit that goal this year. It is a decrease from last year, but I have packed it full of good books. I have stopped with the Popsugar Reading Challenge for this year, although I am still continuing with the Disney Inspired Reading Challenge from The Girl From Alabama.

Most of July was spent rereading a series, which is what I am currently still devoted to. Prior to starting on that journey, I did read one book: A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab. It was everything I had hoped that it would be and more. Victoria (V.E.) Schwab never ceases to astound me with her words and her writing style. She is one author that I will buy anything she has written. Her eleventh published work was released recently to much praise and fanfare. This Savage Song has a unique story line like many of her novels. Hearing her talk more about the plot has me even more thrilled to get my hands on it. Starting in the end of July, several other preorders became available that has me wanting to get back into reading: Day Zero (Novella - August 1) by Kresley Cole, Uninvited (August 9) by Lysa TerKeurst, and Arcana Rising (August 15 - Happy Publication Date!!) also by Kresley Cole. These are the books I am looking forward to digging into in the future.

Now, for what I am currently working on. In July I decided to reread and continue on with Cassandra Clare. Previously I have read the first three novels in the Mortal Instruments series and the complete Infernal Devices series. I set out to reread the ones that I have read and to continue on with the Mortal Instruments and novellas in the attempts to clear these off my to-read pile. Everything was going great; however, I have started slowing down in my reading pace. Currently my reading goal is 50 pages a day. I have been struggling to even pick up a book in the last few days. Hello reading slump, you are not welcome.

I think this covers just about every detail of my reading lately. Which books are you currently reading or excited about coming out? I am personally excited for Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. I was lucky enough to win a copy from Ursula from Grown Up Fangirl. Do you set daily or weekly reading goals? How do you stay on top of those goals? I hope you are having a wonderful month full of splendid books.