Shut Up And Dance With Me

Tonight is a night to remember for me. My first Dancing with the Stars season finale. Just a few weeks ago, I had only watched the show in passing. I knew nothing about the show, the dances, or the people involved in the show. Life has a way of changing things. I had no idea that standing here now it would mean so much to me.

With blows to our families and many times of sadness, frustration, and even anger, Nathaniel and I bonded over this show. We would cuddle up and watch it together. We screamed and cried. We smiled and laughed until we had tears in our eyes. We shared a love for our time together with this show. And something amazing happened tonight as I watched the mirror ball trophy being handed out for the first time. A spark within me to learn to dance. To learn to dance with him.

+Nate, We have spent these last few weeks bonding over something that I never thought would mean so much to me. I see the passion that you carry for dance. We have used this to bond and make it through tough times. So now I look to you to take my hand and lead me across the floor. Teach me how to move in time and rhythm with you. From now until forever, I want to be in sync with you. Only you.