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Do you love all things planner related? My friends and I have come up with an Erin Condren Life Planner tag! Today this post will be a collaboration with my dear friend Hunter from The Girl From Alabama. She will be doing the same tag over on her blog, and I will have a link for that down below as well as more information about Hunter and her blog. Lets answer some planner questions for you!

The Girl From Alabama

1. Do you use any other planners beside ECLP?

-I currently do not. I am looking into others for blogging, home school, and other needs.

2. Do you prefer simple pages or decorated pages?

-Decorated: the more stickers and washi tape the better.

3. What made you decide to purchase EC over other planners?

-I loved the idea of interchangeable covers and the colorfulness of the planner. (Side note: Since I answered these a while back, I would like to update that sometimes the colors get in the way of how I would like to decorate.)

4. Do you own any other EC products other than your planner?

-I do. I have the On the Go Notebook, the 8.5x11 Spiral Notebook and the Address Book.

5. When do you do your planning, Morning, day or night? Do you plan daily?

-I usually keep a running list of daily things on my desktop each day. At the end of the week I go back and fill everything in. Just decorating happens either before hand or as I am filling things in.

6. What supplies do you use more frequently?

-Outside of my pens, stickers and washi tape are my most used items.

7. Do you carry it with you or leave it at home?

-So far I have mostly left it at home; however, that is changing. I feel more put together when I carry it out shopping with me when I have a list of things to get.

8. Do you have a pouch for your planner or just put it in your purse?

-Just carry it or put it my purse on the rare occasion that I use one.

9. What pens do you use?

-I use Staetdler Triplus Fineliners and Pilot G2s

10. Do you use any inserts or dashboards?

-I have several inserts that I use. I have my mickey head bookmark, my full Disney insert that I use as a place holder for the next Disney trip, a chevron bookmark for my anniversary, and the bookmark that came with it (covered in skinny washi tape) to mark my reading challenge.

11. Do you like the perpetual calendar?

-I honestly haven't used it outside of using it as a guide to color code my monthly view.

12. Do you use a color coding system?

-Only for birthdays and anniversaries in the monthly view. Everything else is based on the decoration for the week.

13. What would you like to see changed about the EC LP?

-I would love to see a bigger coil option for those who decorate. It becomes bulky very easily. Options for the layout and for the color scheme wouldn't be a terrible idea.

14. What covers do you have and are there more that you want?

-7x9: Sea Life, Dahlia, Happy Stripes, Custom Harry Potter, and a Hedgehog cover from Etsy.
-8.5x11: Sequins and Imagine Dream.
-There is a big list of covers that I would like to have at some point.

15. What would you like included in the LP that isn't already there?

-There are many ideas that I would like to see included; however, here are some basics: a page of time zones, measurement conversions, and a pocket protector page for wallet size photos and business cards.

16. What are your favorite aspects of the LP?

-The interchangeable covers.

17. How do you use each section? Weekly? Monthly? Notes? Stickers? Zipper Pouch?

-Weekly is used as a daily list of things that happened throughout my day. I keep track of quotes, football scores, reading and blog posts.
-Monthly is used for birthdays, anniversaries, football schedule, quotes, and coupons to use.
-Notes: I  have pages for quotes, my 5 Love Languages results and ways to implement them, some craft instructions, recipes, books to read, and the 2015 Reading Challenge from Popsugar.
-I rarely use the stickers that came with the planner except to create a little tab sticking up.
-Zipper Pouch: Holds business cards, paper clips, page flags, a few notepad pages, extra bookmarks, coupons, extra EC labels, extra coil clips, and stickers.

18. Favorite stores? In person and Online?

-I have several stores that I love for planner supplies. Hobby Lobby, Target, and the Dollar Tree have been my favorite in person stores. Online there are several Etsy stores I use. Kawaiistickers4u, VintageGypsyRoad, MindtheWrap, and OnceUponAWashi are just a few that I use.

19. Do you have a name for your planner?

-No I don't. Should I? If you think so, leave some suggestion down below.

20. Do you have your name on your cover, a quote, or both?

-Most of my covers have quotes on them, but the cover for my address book has my name on it; however, my Harry Potter cover and my Hedgehog cover do not have a name or a quote.

More About Hunter
The Girl From Alabama

Hunter is more than just a fellow blogger, she is one of my greatest friends. Not only does she have a big heart and never meets a stranger, she is a soon to be bride, a mother of many children, a teacher, a Disney lover, and a business owner. Her blog provides a refreshing look into her life, her love of all things Disney, and the things she finds important. She is the perfect amount of chic, country, and nerd. To see her answers for this tag, view her post here.