The Book With A Perfect Ending

Some say that there is something to be said about a person by the books that they read. I am not so sure that is true; however, I love sharing what books I have read in the past month. This is my way of sharing a brief book review and a wrap up all in one. What books did I finish this month? Keep reading to find out. And don't forget the 2015 Popsugar Reading Challenge!!!

Book Review

The Boxcar Children

The Mystery of the Screech Owl
The Mystery on Ice, The Mystery of the Lost Village, The Ghost Ship Mystery Here are four more books that follow the adventures of three children: Mike, Jessie, Violet, and Benny. As the face fears, try new things, and most of all learn new things. From cooking something new to solving a mystery for someone, these books are packed with humor and great for teaching children how to be independent.

We love reading these as a family and even a big group of people now. We all pile up with snacks and enjoy the stories. Some were better than others, but we made it through. We had some spooky moments and we had some dull moments. One of my daughters particularly loves when they cook in the stories. I can't wait to continue reading these with them. A truly wonderful bonding experience.

Matched Trusting the Society to make the choices for them, a civilization lives by their rules. It is the night of her matching ceremony and something rare happens: her screen is blank. What could this mean? What if they could not match her? The reality of the situation goes even deeper as things spiral out of control. Will the events in her life cost her the one that matters most? Or is Society wrong about her and her match?

I expected more from this book. I have heard such amazing things and it just did not live up to all of that. What I thought was a unique story turned into a story I have read many times with a few new sprinkles of things thrown in. I am on the fence about continuing with the series; however, I do like the overall concept. I didn't find myself so attached to the characters that I craved to know how things turned out.

Popsugar Reading Challenge: A Trilogy A Book Set In The Future

The Paper Magician

The Paper Magician, The Glass Magician, The Master Magician is a trilogy marking the years of an apprentice as the bond of magic is taken and learned. In The Paper Magician follows the story of a girl that has been forced to bond with a material other than what she had in mind: paper. Will she be able to complete her apprenticeship or will the bond prove to be too much for her? As events unfold and she is thrown into her field with minimal knowledge of her bond, it isn't just her life at stake. Will she make it in time? Or will she die trying?

I fell in love with this trilogy. The writing, the characters, the magic all weaved together to create a beautiful story. The ending of this trilogy was perfect in an open ended non cliff hanger sort of way. (If that even makes sense to anyone but me) It gave just enough to let your imagination take over the story for you. Not many books give that chance to the readers and it is an ending I prefer.

Popsugar Reading Challenge: A Trilogy

SpeakSpeak the story of a girl who has lost her voice. High school can be tough, but there are things that no one dares to talk about. After the last party she attended did not go as planned, she ended up losing all of her friends. She doesn't speak up about that night or why she called the cops. She chooses to live out the rest of high school in her head; however, it isn't safe their either. Will anyone be able to get through he barriers and help her to find her voice again?

Having dealt with something similar to this in my years of high school, this book hit home with me. Even though I did not love the writ ting style, the story was heart breaking and heart warming. The transformation that she has to go through in order to overcome her struggles is a courageous battle. It is inspiring to others that may have gone through something or will go through something like this to know that keeping silent isn't always the answer.

Popsugar Reading Challenge: A Book You Were Supposed To Read In School But Didn't

CinderCinder is a gifted mechanic and a cyborg. The plague is running rancid and the population is at stake. Could Cinder be the key that is needed to stop this deadly outbreak or could she be a part of the cause of it? Keeping the fact that she is a cyborg a secret will become increasingly difficult as she comes to the acquaintance of the Prince himself. With his father sick, he needs Cinder's help to uncover the information hidden inside his android, but can she fix it in time to save him from the clutches of the Lunar Queen?

Everyone has been raving about this book; however, I didn't think it would be my cup of tea. Gracious was I wrong! I devoured this book. I could not get enough of it. I was excited going into it, and it did not let me down. This is a book I can see myself reading over and over again. Even if I wanted to throw it at some points. I cannot wait to continue on with this series.

Popsugar Reading Challenge: A Popular Author's First Book

Never NeverNever Never After growing up together and falling in love, two teenagers are suddenly strangers to each other and everyone else. Can the fight to geteyer,  back their memories, or are they doomed to forget each other and the love they shared? Playing off the cues they pick up while observing those around them, they are able to piece together that they are in love even if they don't remember it. Can banding together to solve the mystery bring them back together or tear them further apart?

I found the story intriguing, the ending gripping, and the drive to want to continue on to the second one. As my first Colleen Hoover book, I can see what all the hype is about. Her writing is griping and easy to get lost in. I loved the psychological aspect of two characters loosing their memories, but I found myself frustrated by not being able to even get an idea of why it was happening. Fast forward to the ending and I am left with even more questions than answers. A good cliff hanger for those that live over that edge.

Popsugar Reading Challenge: A Book Published This Year

Murder on a Girls' Night OutMurder on a Girls' Night Out follows the story of two sisters raised in the south that thanks to misfortune has found themselves tangled up in a murder that has placed them in danger of death themselves. As they fight to uncover the clues needed to solve the case, will their sibling rivalry get in the way or help them to save themselves and the ones they love? Just how much trouble can one place cause, the girls are about to find at as one things after the other unfolds. Using their southern charm, they will discover the details needed, but at what cost?

Another one of those southern books that make us southern girls giggle with how we are painted. Set in the same area that I live in, I found this book intriguing and comical. It takes the southern saying "What else could go wrong" to a whole new level. From time to time the writing could be a little overbearing, but it was overall an enjoyable read.

Popsugar Reading Challenge: A Book Your Mom Loves

19641964 tells the story of a young boy struggling to keep up with his older brother. As the dynamics of their lives change, he is pressured to follow is brother more and more. To keep from being teased he does what he says and ends up trapped. Will he be able to escape or will he be stuck in waiting? The domino effect created be this event threatens to change the boys outlook on life and rob him of his innocence. How will he cope with the events happening around him and is there anything he can do to stop it? He is left to ponder what if what you think is wrong, isn't so wrong after all?

I was asked to read this for a group on Goodreads that I will link here. Going into the story I did not think I would like it much at all; however, I did find it enjoyable. With a unique band of characters and events that show just how much the war can change a man, it shows how easily innocence can be taken.

Popsugar Reading Challenge: A Book Set In Another Country

And just for fun...

I can't Keep My Own Secrets is a collection of six word memoirs written by teens. Covering their lives in only six words with topics from love to death and anything in between.

A fast read to satisfy my curiosity. It was intriguing to see how others would describe their lives if only given six words. It has inspired me to work on some of my own to keep track of. You may even see some on my blog at some point.

Overall it was a decent reading month for me. I am now a little over halfway through the Popsugar Reading Challenge. Are you participating in the challenge as well? Let me know down below your most recent book completed and how far along you are. I would love to know what everyone is reading so feel free to leave my a comment about what you are reading or a book that you suggest. See you next time!