Facing the Unthinkable

Cancer. A word that no one, especially a family wants to hear. It is devastating and overwhelming. Just the process itself is emotional and heart breaking. The topic alone is enough to strike fear in the hearts of many. So what happens when that conversation is no longer just a fear? When it becomes a reality, how do you move forward without falling apart?

Writing this post is very hard for me. Just a little over two weeks ago, my father was faced with the diagnosis of cancer. Our family is no stranger to the disease. Earlier this year we lost my uncle, his brother, during his battle with lung cancer. I cannot imagine the fear he must have felt when the doctors explained everything. When the fear became a reality.

                                                          6 Months

We were faced with a decision. At that point is when the true meaning of life is pondered. You start to weigh quality and quantity. What will be best? Is it worth the risk? Can it help? The questions are endless; however, at the end of the day, it was his choice to make.

He choose quality. 

Many do not understand that decision. Even people those that are close to us. The demands that he fight and that he doesn't give up is something we have heard over and over again. This is the path that he chose. Going against him is not something that we want to do as a family. He wanted the days that he has left to be the best days that they can be. He didn't want to be sick and in more pain from treatment.

How am I coping?

One of the things that has kept me alive and not shattered into pieces is God and praying. Without my faith, I have no idea how I would have made it this far, let alone the days, weeks, and maybe months that we still have to face. Paired with my fiance and my best friends, I couldn't ask for a better support team.

Blogging will be something that comes in spurts for me right now. There will be times that I throw myself into it, sometimes I won't even check it. It is a day by day battle for my father and our family. Thank you all for understanding my absence and my sporadic posting.