A Ghost, An Angel, And A Christmas To Remember - Monthly Reading Wrap Up

It is a new year already, and that means another juicy reading wrap up for you lovlies. December was filled with reading, books, and more books. I am excited to share with you all of the things that I completed this month. I will try to be as spoiler free as possible; however, keep in mind some of this books are the second and third in a series. If you haven't read the previous books, I highly suggest that you wait and come back then.

Under Different Stars
Krickett has been dodging the foster care system time and time again after escaping. When she finds yourself being followed by someone who is definitely not caseworker, she starts to wonder why they are after her. Soon she finds herself doing anything she can to illude the strong looking man and his band of monkeys. Unfortunately, they aren't the only ones looking to nab her. Once Trey has her, he is determined to complete his mission and return her to her rightful world. As she starts to ask questions about her parents thinking they had made a mistake, she learns more and more about her past. Will Krickett be able to break free and return through the wormhole back to Earth? Or will she be held captive in a foreign land as a potion war weapon? What are these gifts they keep insisting that she can develop and how can she use them to escape?

A lot more sci fi than I am used to; however, I loved this book. Another audiobook for me, yet I was captivated by how different it was. It is unlike a lot of what I have read this year and I really enjoyed that. I found the characters to be very relateable and rather likeable. The details of the worlds was just enough to give you a good image will also letting you fill in gaps in your own way. I am usually not one ofr books that contain politics or war, yet I really enjoyed the way it was used and introduced into this book. I look forward to continuing on with the rest of the series soon. I already have the second one downloading and ready to read or listen to.

World After
we return to the world of the apocalypse as Penryn and the rest of the population tries to band together and stand against the angels and demons who have invaded their worlds. When Penryn's sister is captured, she will do anything in her power to save her and redeem her. On the journey, Raffe and Penryn are seperated as he continues the search for his wings. Even Raffe is questioning if he will be able to get them back without risking death and war. Penryn will soon discover the links that each side is willing to go to win. What will the humans do to preserve what little they have left? Will their actions make Raffe lost to her forever? And why does that scare her more than she is will to admit?

In the sequel, I was thrown through twists and turns. Many times my heart was aching with wondering what would happen next. I never expected to get attached to this series, but I find myself becoming more and more interested in the characters and just how they will survive in the end. Can what is left of civilization band together to fight against their attackers? Or will they be more focused on themselves? Seeing more in depth into the world after leaves me wondering what would happen if something similar was to happen now. The ending left me questioning if the bad guys were so bad or if they were just misguiding and being used. I am hanging on for a good ride in the last book of the series.

In this jaw dropping conclusion to the Penryn & the End of Days series, will Penryn be able to escape in time to help the people? The search for the doctor that they hope can help Raffe and her sister leads them to discover the importance of her sister and what she can do. Or will the angels finish what they came here for in their battle to take each other down? Will all of mankind be lost?
This series really lived up to the hype that I had seen online. I loved the ending even though I went into this series not thinking I would enjoy it and it would just be a filler for my Goodreads Challenge for the year. This book kept me guessing and on my toes. A little more story than action I felt like this time; however, I still liked that. The change and switch in worlds was great as well. It gave us a glimpse of the other side and the fallen. The ending left me thinking: "really, after everything and you do this?!" It was the ending I was hoping for, but somewhere throughout this book I lost hope of it happening. 

The Alameeda prophecy is sure to bring destruction wherever it is told. Kricket, being the one that fits the prophecy is turning the worlds into chaos. With her gift of seeing the future, she has become the target of all of the clans. Will Trey be able to save her from the clutches of those who wish to possess her, or will he fail and lose his life in the process? On the brink of a war that could cause the extinction of the people of Rafe, how will Kricket use her gifts of precognition to save those around her?
Thank heavens this is not the last book in the series, because I am not happy with where this book ends! Which each chapter I am more and more captivated by the storyline and the characters. Although the action comes and goes, it is enough to keep me on the edge of my seat. Just when I start to relax a little more, BAM, something huge takes place. Even the characters that I thought I hated, either redeemed themselves or made me despise them even more (if that was even possible). I can't wait to continue reading these. 

When the Herdmans are involved you know there will be trouble. The bullies of the school, the ones that beat up on the other kids and test the patience of the teachers have been cast as the stars of the yearly pageant thanks to an accident that left the director out of sorts. When it is time for the new director to pick their parts, no one volunteers. Mary has been the same for as many years as they can remember; however, this year she keeps quiet. Having never heard the Christmas story, the Herdmans will either ruin the pageant, or set the church on fire before they even get a chance to get on stage. Which will it be?

Having never seen the movie, I really didn't know what to expect. It was a quick and touching read as I found a new way to view the Christmas story. The Herdmans brought to light some aspects of the story I had not really put much thought to in previous years. Could they really turn the pageant into something more when all of the church and town shows up just to see how big of a disaster it will be? After reading it, we all settled in to watch it, as well as the children. Avary especially enjoyed it. I think this was a hit with the whole family this year.

Christmas Eve At Friday Harbor (Christmas with Holly)
After the accident that took the life of her mother, Holly has stopped talking. Labeled as a product of trauma, her uncle doesn't try to push her to talk even if he hopes she will soon. Being young himself, he was sure he wasn't ready to raise a small child. He enlists the help of his brothers to raise Holly. Will they be able to help her find her voice again, or will she remain just as silent throughout the holidays? With a wish to Santa with a reminder that she has moved, will Santa be able to deliver her Christmas wish this year?

Also a Hallmark movie (that I didn't get to watch completely last year), I had to grab this when I saw it for one one dollar. It is a touching story of tragedy and how a little imagination can change the lives of small children. It was a struggle to watch as Holly struggled to talk after the accident that took her mother, and even more heartbreaking that no one could seem to help her find her voice again. Obviously, I enjoyed the book immensely. It was touching and heart wrenching.

The Billionaire's Christmas
After a poor decision, Emily is left to face the holiday season without the funding for the youth center that she had just a few days ago. Having trusted the wrong person, she is forced to do the unthinkable to try to save the center. The billionaire, Grady Sinclair, is known as the town's eccentric beast. He is very private and no one really knows or sees much of him. Emily is determined to get the funding, and travels to his estate to ask for his charity. Will he prove himself as the town beast, or will he find himself in the giving spirit? Will Emily be able to see past his hard exterior, or will she be left without hope for the youth center?

A very quick read, but one that I enjoyed. It did have some more mature content, so I would not recommend it for the younger audiences. This prequel to the popular Sinclair series, is a great introduction into the lives of the Sinclair family. With the holidays fast approaching, it more important now than ever that he be alone, but can one person change the way that he views Christmas? It was well written and fast paced as well. It has me intrigued to continue on into the series even though that wasn't my original intentions.

A Christmas Visitor
After the loss of their son, the Boyajian family gave up on Christmas. No decorations, no Christmas. With the holidays just around the corner, tragedy strikes again. George is more determined than ever to lift his family up again, and what better way than to bring Christmas back. Will bring back Christmas shatter the already fragile family, even after so many years? Will the memories of that dreaded night come flooding back to the mother who only wanted her son to come home from the war? Or will a stranger be able to guide the family to healing a closer?

A Christmas gift from my aunt, and also a Hallmark movie special, it was a really touching story of family and tragedy can rob a family of the joys of Christmas and holidays. It was heart wrenching to read how the family had stopped celebrating and how that affected their remaining daughter. There was a lot of war references and flashbacks, which aren't my thing; however, I still really enjoyed the storyline. It was heart warming and just what I needed to read for Christmas.

Reading took on a very Christmas theme for me towards the end of the month, but it was a great way to finish out the new year. What were some of your favorite books this month? Did you stick to a holiday trend for your reading? I hope that your Christmas was wonderful and full of more books. Once again this year, I will be participating in the Popsugar Reading Challenge with a new list of prompts for the year. If you would like to see a post of that just let me know. I already have several books in mind and ready to get started. I hope that your new year is off to a great start!