I Swore I Wasn't Going To Do This Again...

Hello my darlings! It is a new year, and do you know what that brings?! New books! I was so excited to finish up 2015 having completed the Popsugar Reading Challenge. I was going to go into 2016 with a fresh stack of books, some of which have been on my shelves for quite some time now; however, it seems I have given in to peer pressure again (you should never do this, I highly disagree with it). So today, I am going to share with you my book haul for Bookoutlet.com. As several of these will be included in this years challenge, I will be sure to label them as such. Stay turned to the end of the post for the list for this year's challenge as well.

Little House on the Prairie - First up today, is a book I have read many times before. Searching through the book list, this was the one book that I could think of that I read in high school and haven't read since, well at least not in the most recent years. Of course I was pressured by the sale time restraints and as fate would have it, I remember another people that I really haven't read since high school shortly after ordering. I plan to either pass this book on to my kids, my niece, or donate it.

The Diviners - Having heard about this book time and time again from various BookTube channels, I thought I might pick it up to see what it is about. It doesn't fit into my challenge as of yet, but I am looking forward to read it. I don't know much about the book outside of it being set during the Jazz era. The main character has some sort of supernatural power that she discovers could be used to catch a serial killer. I am hooked and I can't wait to dive in.

The Ice Queen - Challenge: A Book From Oprah's Book Club - In all seriousness, I bought this book based on the cover. I don't think I read the summary, and if I didn't I have no memory of doing so. Also up in this category is a book I already own called Freedom; however, that book is massive. Don't steer me wrong Ice Queen, I am counting on you to be readable.

I Am Malala - Challenge: A Political Memoir - Not going to lie here... when I
saw that I had to read a political memoir it was almost a deal breaker. I don't care for political books even though my fiance loves them to pieces. It has never been a genre that I have liked. I sought after his advice on what to read and in doing so he was suggesting books that were over 800 pages!!! I love that man, but I don't have time for that. So I began my search. Soon I found this book and remembered reading about Malala's story and watch bits of a interview she did with Emma Watson. Bonus: there is a young readers version as well. I think Avary will really enjoy reading this with me this year.

The Devil Wears Prada - Challenge: A Book With A Protagonist Who Has Your Occupation - I was drawing a blank for this category since I mostly create things like cards, stickers, and graphics for personal use however, my bestie reminded me that I am also a personal assistant and suggested this book. The rest is history. I know there is a movie about this book and that Hunter enjoyed it. I am going in blind. (I am sensing a trend here)

A Little Something Different - I actually read the description on this one! I loved the idea of two people bonding over their creative writing course. It reminded me of the bonds and friendships that I took away from my creative writing class in college. I am excited to dive into this book. Plus, how cute is this cover?!

Dead to You - Written by an author that I have thoroughly enjoyed before, I have been meaning to bring this book home with me for well over a year now. I remember reading the description way back when I discovered it; however, I think I will enjoy going into this one blind as well. McMann has been a go to author for me for several years now after I devoured her Dreamcatcher series. I wish I could find a way to fit this into my challenge somewhere in hopes I get to it this year.

City Of Lost Souls - This is one of the reasons why I had decided not to do the reading challenge for this year. I had plans to binge read everything Cassandra Clare before the latest series kicks off later this year. That also required me to have all of the books in which I was missing the latest two. So it is easy to say that this book jumped into my cart with no trouble at all. Can I just look at all of the Cassandra Clare books with longing for a moment?

Adulting: How To Become A Grown-Up In 468 Easy(ish) Steps - Challenge: A Self-Improvement Book - I want to try to insert a little humor into my self-improvement book of the year. It appealed to me by speaking right to the heart of the issue, not always feeling like an adult even though I clearly am. Here is to hoping it helps me grow up.

Disney's Alice in Wonderland - Challenge: A Graphic Novel - Searching through the graphic novels and needs just a tad bit more in order to get the $10 off as part of the sale, I knew it was meant to be when I saw this. I could have went with the second volume of Saga after reading the first last year, but I am a sucker for anything Disney, so here we are. I have already flipped through this and the art is so beautiful. I am super excited to fly through this very very soon.

That is all the books that I have to share with you in this haul post. I don't think I did too bad with my selections and I am rather excited to see what this year holds for me when it comes to reading. What are some of the books on your list to read this year? I would love to know. And just as I have promised, here is the link to the Popsugar Reading Challenge for 2016! Enjoy and let me know if you decide to participate in the challenge this year. See you soon!