Daydreaming - Listers Gotta List Feb. 6th 2017

Hello, dearies! If you are new around here, thank you for stopping by. One fact about me, I like to make lists. I haven't always been this way; however, my best friend over at The Girl From Alabama got me started. Last year we started Listers Gotta List from The Reset Girl and loved it. Today, I wanted to share my list with all of you!

Even though I have kinda fallen off of doing the lists daily, I still have a look at the list from time to time. I thought it would be fun to maybe start incorporating some of those lists into my blog to help you all get to know me better. Today's prompt is:

Things I Daydream About

  • Life after death in heaven
  • Moving to be with my family
  • Date ideas that are fun for me and Dylan
  • Getting married
  • What the world would be like without violence
  • Weekend getaways (Romantic or otherwise)
  • Bestie time
  • Shopping for clothes, stickers, and makeup
  • If I wrote a book what it would be about
  • Going to Disney World and Disneyland
  • Traveling the world
  • RVing full time
  • Reading all of the books
  • Creating my own planner items
  • What it would be like to travel in space
  • My dream house
  • Decoration my house with Dylan
  • Having (more) children
  • If my dad was still alive
  • My future
  • What I want from my career

I hope that you enjoyed this glimpse into my daydreams. What are some of the things you daydream about?