Currently Reading - Week 8

Hello, lovelies! It has been an addicting week of reading. I found myself sucked into a trilogy, more on that in a bit, and I couldn't stop reading. My blogging has really fallen by the wayside; however, my reading has been going good. I am still ahead in my schedule for completing the reading challenge and in my goodreads goal. How is your reading going this week? Stay tuned to see wat I thought of all the books I have been reading this week.

This year, I have decided to participate in the 2017 Popsugar Reading Challenge. In 2015, I completed and loved the challenge; however, last year I fell off the wagon a little bit and never finished. This year there are 40 regular prompts and 12 advanced prompts. For the last few weeks of December, I spent a lot of time on a spreadsheet compiling ideas and purchasing books to fill out this list to ensure success. Moving into the new year, I decided to change the format of my reviews from monthly to weekly as well as the content included. I want to really improve my reviews and there structure throughout. With that, I will not be able to hold back as much information as usual; therefore, I want to warn you that after the overview section (it will be marked) you may encounter spoilers.

Completed Books: 

Paper Princess (The Royals, #1)
Romance, New Adult, Contemporary
PSRC - A book recommended by an author you love
Rating - 5/5

Overview - Ella Harper has been bussing tables and stripping at night to pay the rent every since her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Now that she has passed, she is just trying to survive and escape foster care for the next few years. She is determined to graduate high school go to college, and make a better life for herself that doesn't involve stripping or running. All that changes when Callum Royal comes storming into her high school claiming to be her guardian. Not knowing who this man is, she tries to escape; however, one last night at the club leads her right into his hands. Steve is real. The man that left his watch with her mother just before leaving for deployment, and now he is dead as well. Callum is left with Ella, and is offering her insane allowances just to get her to stay; however, his sons are not as welcoming to have her and neither is Astor Park Prep School. Only two yes, is she can manage not to run before then.
I know I can't replace your parents, but I'm here for you in any way that you would need them. You may have lost your family, but you're not alone anymore, Ella. You're a Royal now.
Plot - I will be honest, even though I rated this book five stars, the plot is definitely lacking in many areas. I spent most of the book not knowing what was going on or where the book was leading. The storyline was easy to follow so I stuck with it.

Characters - The characters themselves felt very new adult drama typical. You have the girl who is doing what she can to survive, the bad boy determined to keep everyone at arms length, siblings to aid in that effort. Both characters come from a broken home life, so it is inevitable that they discover their shared background.

Conclusion - Although the characters were typical and the plot didn't seem to even exist, I couldn't put this book down. I found myself flying through the pages, binge reading it into the night, and just overall picking it up more than the other book I was reading at the time. I would find myself reading away with no sense of time or my surroundings. The best way I know how to describe this book (and this series) is purely addictive and trash/crack reading. It was easy to slip into them and read constantly. I will say, this ends in a cliffhanger that will make you want to get your hands on the next one as soon as possible, or at least it did for me.

Broken Prince (The Royals, #2)
Romance, New Adult, Contemporary
PSRC - A book by an author that uses a pseudonym
Rating - 5/5

Overview - (Warning: This overview will contain spoilers) Reed has everything: all the money he could ask for, women lining up to date him, and huge popularity at Astor Park; however, he doesn't have the one thing that he wants. After recent events made Ella run, Reed is determined to find her and bring her home. He has no idea if bringing her back will even mean salvaging what they had been working on before she got home that night. Well, Ella returns, she is determined to stay away from all of the Royals. She let her guard down before, but she has no indication to do it again.
My instincts had screamed at me that she was trouble. My instincts were wrong. She wasn't trouble. I was. Still am. Reed, the destroyer.
I'm willing to do almost anything for you. I'd go back in time to change things if I could... But I'm not leaving you alone. 
Plot - The actual plot of this book is more present with a clear outcome in mind. The progression towards tat plot escalates quickly. Plot-wise, we are faced with more twists and turns that require a more solid story progression and not just drama.

Characters - We get to see a little more into the characters and not just their back story. We are introduced to more of their individual quirks and what lead up to that development.

Conclusion - Overall, I still feel the same way about this series. I am addicted and I can't read them fast enough. The drama escalates and we see more defined issues coming to light and not just useless fighting. This book shifts back and forth from Ella and Reed's perspective. From time to time, I would lose interest with the shifting perspectives; however, it did serve a purpose. I found I didn't like reading from Reed's perspective as much as I like Ella's voice. Once again the ending had me reeling. I just stared at the last page in shock as I purchased the final book in the series.

Currently Reading:

Elizabeth Gilbert
Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Travel
PSRC - A book about food
Rating -

Overview - After finding herself sobbing on the floor wondering how she got to this point, Liz decided that it was time to call out to God, whoever he or she may be. Hearing his answer, she took it one step at a time to really figure out what she wanted from her future. In her thirties, married for many years, she decides that her marriage isn't working for her, kids isn't what she wants, and the terrible depression she is feeling isn't going away. Liz decides to end her marriage and begin a soul-searching journey over the period of a year while traveling to three different places in search of three very different things. As her journey begins, she has to learn to let go or the past will keep threatening to bring her pack into the pits of depression and loneliness that she was feeling before.

Twisted Palace (The Royals, #3)
Romance, New Adult, Contemporary
Rating - 

Overview - (Warning: This overview will contain spoilers) With the murder hanging over their heads, Ella and Reed are determined to get to the bottom of what happened that night before Reed takes the fall for whatever happened. The last thing Ella expects is for her father, who was supposed to have died in a hang gliding accident, to show up at their door shortly after Reed is hauled off for questioning in Brooke's untimely death. Reed has a quick temper and he has to learn to control it or risk ruining it all. With everyone conspiring to destroy them, the Royal's are determined to band together now more than ever.

What books or series have you started and felt compelled to finish as quickly as possible?