A Book So Immersing, You Will Never Want To Find Reality Again

Just like with any challenge or any book lover, there are going to be reading slumps, and boy have I been in one. My reading wrap up for July is rather short. Beginning with July being a difficult month anyway, it was busy, emotional, and just down right the hardest month so far this year. I did get to finish up a few books; however, only two of the four were actually for the Popsugar Reading Challenge. Lets have a run down of the books and my thoughts on them.

Reading Wrap Up July 2015

Don't Die, My Love by Lurlene McDanielDon't Die, My Love is the heart warming story of childhood sweethearts. Luke is the star of the school's football and head over heels for the coach's daughter, Julie. With big plans for a scholarship to just about any college he wants, Julie has every plan to follow him wherever he wants to go; however, Luke just can't shake the virus that has been keeping him down the past few days. What happens when it isn't just a virus, but something life threatening?

This story is gut wrenching in the best way. I was in tears. I cried. I just closed the book and cried my eyes out while my family stared at me like I had finally lost m mind. Although the story is sad, the underlying love story and devotion is so touching and inspiring. It is thought provoking to me to wonder just how and what I would be willing to do and go through for the ones that I love. Would I be like Luke at some point and try to push them away, or would I be like Julie and always try to push to be by their side even when it means giving up my life as well.

Together Apart by Natalie MartinTogether Apart going through a break up is difficult enough; however, when Adam proposes to Sarah and she responds with breaking up, it isn't easy. Forced to live together until at least half of their new lease is up, will they be able to live together and work things out or will it become one fight after the next? Adam is left to wonder why everything turned to terrible wrong when everything had been so right. Is Sarah hiding something much bigger than just her feelings? Will they be able to put their relationship back together or part ways forever?

Going in, I loved the concept of this story. It was something different for me. The overall thought process is amazing; however, I feel like the writing just did not execute that well. I found it hard to pay attention to it while I was reading, and just reading to finish the book. Had this been written in a more seamless and engrossing way, I think it would have been incredible.

Popsugar Reading Challenge: A Book With Antonyms in the Title

The Night Circus by Erin MorgensternThe Night Circus arrives without notice and immediately draws the attention of the town; however, it isn't your typical circus. Is the illusion, acrobats, and magicians? In a sense, yes. You can only see what they allow you to see. What if you could see deeper into the inner works of the circus? Buried deep is a battle between two opponents, Celia and Marco. How will their duel affect those around them? Hoping from city to city, will it all be enough to keep the circus alive?

I cannot rave about this book enough. I knew I wanted to read it, and I knew just how much everyone I have known that has read it loved it; however, I did not expect this. Even though it took me a while to get through the book, it is such a beautifully woven story. It is intricate and immersing. I kept expecting to look up and see the tents from the circus. It will forever be one of my favorites, and I book that I can see myself rereading a lot. It has a depth that screams to be read again to see what I missed the first time through. And can we just marvel and the gorgeousness of the cover?!

Popsugar Reading Challenge: A Book with Magic

Old Magic by Marianne CurleyOld Magic follows the story of the outcast of the school. When the new boy arrives, Jarrod, she can sense that there is something difficult about him. When freak accidents and weather events keep happening around him, she is determined to find out the cause. Will Jarrod except her outrageous explanations, or will he join the rest of the school in thinking that she is crazy? How many accidents will it take before someone is seriously hurt or worse, dead?

As one of my favorite books of all time, I was hoping that reading this again would help me get out of my reading slump, which it has somewhat. This book has everything in it: time travel, magic, medival, etc. When I first read it, I fell in love with the writing style. Marianne Curley is still one of my favorite authors to this day. With the exception of her latest series, Avena, I had read every one of her books. This story is written in such a way that you find yourself amongst the pages wishing that you were inside the story yourself.

It may have been a slow month for reading, but three of the four books where incredibly amazing. All of which I have or will read again some day. What books did you read for the month of July? Have you read any of these books? I would love to talk about them below. I will see you again soon with another wrap up. You won't want to miss my thoughts on reading the first book by an author I have come to love only by reading her tweets.