#5books7days Readathon Wrap Up

We all know just how much I love to read, so many find it shocking that I have never participated in a readathon. That has changed! This past week (August 10 - 16) I made my first attempt at a readathon. For those who do not know what a readathon is, by definition it is to read as much as possible in the set amount of time. Some readathons include challenges or more specific guidelines. The readathon #5books7days was started on instagram by lottelikesbooks. See lets get started and see just how much reading I did.

I do not have an outstanding picture of all the books I read. I read all of them on my kindle; however, I can include this collage of all of the covers.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling

As the pick for my Popsugar Reading Challenge for being funny, I have to say this book was quirky and fun.

Grey by E L James

Another Popsugar Reading Challenge contestant here for the outrage of bad reviews screamed by the masses due to their hatred of this book and series overall. All I will say is this: I enjoyed this book more than the original series.

The Vow by Kim and Krickitt Carpenter

Based off of a true story (Thank you Popsugar once again), it was touching and spiritual. It wasn't what I was expecting, but I still liked it.

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

WHY IN THE WORLD DID I WAIT SO LONG TO READ THIS!!! Sorry for the shouty capitals on this. This is a perfect fit for the book I have owned but never read. I think I have had it over a year or more now. I must continue this series... NOW!

So I managed to read a total of four books (barely). All the reading equaled out to 1163 pages. For some that may not seem like much; however, for me, that is a humongous amount of reading. Stay tuned for my monthly wrap up for more details and descriptions on each of these books. If you participated in this readathon or any readathon lately, how did you do? What books stood out to you? I would love to talk books with you. You can visit me on Instagram (rawrluvpandabear) for more book related updates and pictures!