If I Could Be A Mermaid...

It is no secret that the ocean calls to me. Even though I love Disney more and more lately, the beach will always be my home. For me, the beach is where I am mostly myself. I am calm and centered, free. So if I was a mermaid, what color would my tail be? Today I am writing about just that, thanks to a question from Dylan from Mickey Ears With A Mohawk.

If I were a mermaid

Being a mermaid would be like living a dream to me. Trying to narrow down just one color palette for my tail, almost impossible. The first color palette that comes to mind is gorgeous teals and blues with splashes of gold throughout.

What if I could change the color of my tail depending on my mood? I, for one, wouldn't want to be stuck with the same color tail for the rest of my life. I would want to change it up a bit, have a little fun, which brings me to my next color palette. This one is inspired by succulents with muted jewel tones it luscious blues and purples.

Whether going with the flow, or choosing my own path, even I can be influenced by current trends and fashions. A trend I am seeing more and more of has taken root in my heart. I would love to have this combination as a tail, especially with a little iridescent shift throughout.

Whether for just a day or for a lifetime, who wouldn't love to be a mermaid? Well except for the Ariel's out in the world. If you could be a mermaid, what color would you want your tail to be? I may not be a mermaid in this lifetime; however, I won't stop dreaming of a life under the sea.