Current Favorite Healthy Snacks

Hello lovelies! It is hot outside and you are reaching for a snack, what do you grab? Today I am sharing a few of my favorite healthy snacks that I grab for, especially when it is the summer months. All of these I purchased at my local Walmart. I have shared links to specific items as well as calorie counts to those items. Let's get started!

Laughing Cow Original Swiss with Original Pretzel Crisps
(11 crisps and one wedge is 150 calories)

Fresh fruit:
-Pink Lady Apples (with occasional caramel dipping sauce)

Cottage cheese with any of the following (with picture examples below):
-Bell Peppers
-Pretzel Crisps
-Cherry Tomatoes
-Avocado Toast
Veggie Snack Trays
-Taylor Farms Vegetable Snacks
-I also get one that has carrots, grapes, pretzels, and cheese cubes

I hope that you found some new snacks to try. What are some of your favorite healthy summer snacks? I would love to hear your recommendations. Snacks are a must for me while I am reading; otherwise, I probably wouldn't eat much at all.