Day 2: 10 Years

Day Two:

Where you'd like to be in

Let's take a moment to pray to look like we did in our teens. Now let's more forward.

Relationship Status: I should be annoying the crap out of someone by then. I will be chasing you around with nerf guns, water balloons, pillows, etc.

Family and Friends: Children hopefully! God willing, I want to keep my friends. I have never met such an amazing and inspirational group of people.

Career: Hopefully still a Librarian. Who wouldn't love to get paid to read every day!! Using my creativity...writing, making jewelry, etc.

Health/Fitness: I want to be healthy and fit. 

Cars: To have conquered my fear of driving completely

Pets: I am afraid Nala and Baby will not make it tens year, but I would love to have hedgehogs again.

Places I have traveled: Ireland, Scotland, London, Australia

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