Welcome to All Jeweled Up!

First a little about myself. My name is Jessica and I am close to turning 25. I am on the verge of starting a new and exciting point in my life of which includes moving, a new job, and a completely new perspective. I have a passion for a multitude of things, some of which will be discussed in this blog.

You may be wondering why I am here exactly. I am here to talk openly about things I love, activities that I do, and other various topics. I find joy in creating things, whether it is crafts, jewelry, or writing. Part of creating is sharing with others.

What will I be talking about? That is a good question! I currently do not have a set schedule or topic range for this blog. Posts will be eclectic and varying in topic. Some things that you can expect from me is the following: Books, Nails, Crafts, and occasional Personal blogs such as this one. I am open to any requests or comments.