Sally Beauty Mini Haul!! March 2014

While out and about yesterday, I found myself in Sally's. They have several great deals going on at my local store. Am part!

Nail Polish!!

I behaved myself a little and only stuck with the two I went in to purchase. China Glaze polish is currently buy one, get one free. Here are the two I purchased:

Wish on a Starfish
-I was excited to get this one after trying Seahorsing Around (not purchased in this haul). This is a gorgeous pink texture with a gold flash. It was slightly lighter than I anticipated; however, three coats and you have the beautiful color shown in the bottle.

Flip Flop Fantasy
-Gearing up for spring and summer screams this color. As with their neons, it takes a little finesse to apply smoothly; however, the color pay of is gorgeous. I am currently wearing it as an accent to the Galactic Gray holographic polish.

Random Beauty Essentials!!

-Sally's also had all Face Essentials products on sale: buy one, get one free. I have not tried these previously. I am going to use these to remove nail polish versus using regular cotton balls. We will see how these perform in the next few days and the following weeks.

Styling Tools!!

Near the front I was marveling at the gorgeous colors that they have for various styling tools. Low and behold Plugged In had a wonderful deal!! When you purchase one of their full size tools, you get a mini tool of your choice. I am rather new to styling. The tools I purchased are the first of their kind for me.

-This wand features a tapered design made with tourmaline ceramic. I have not tested this product outside of a few strands. It does come with a heat protective finger glove, of which I obviously need. With four temperature settings, I am optimistic that it will curl my sometimes stubborn hair.

-I also tested a few pieces of hair to see the results. I was impressed by the depth of the waves. I look forward to a more in depth look at how this does with my hair.

All products mentioned above were purchased myself. I have not been provided with any endorsement or reimbursement for these products.. I do not ensure the quality of each product or the availability of products, sales, and services.