Just A Little Sand And Saltwater

Everyone has that one place that they want to run to. For some it is Disney World, or even the mountains; however, for me it is more salt water and sand. I am a beach bum. Naturally, when life knocks me down I am ready to go somewhere that I can clear my head and find myself again.

Panama City Beach FloridaFueled by the passing of someone dear to me (possibly more on this in another post), my family wanted to get away for a few days. We were lucky enough to find a hotel on the beach that still had an opening last minute. Everything was rushed and last minute (Remind me never to do that again). We literally packed and left out the same day we found out we were going on a trip. Several stops, a lot of driver switching, and a little over six hours later we find ourselves on the strip with the sound of the ocean to our right.

It was such a sigh of relief to be back at the beach after a little over a year of being away (never staying away that long again). Despite all of my worries, everything melts away once I see the waves. This trip wasn't about going out at night, eating out, or trying new things. My family and I just needed to get away.

Panama City Beach FloridaAfter getting everything settled into the rooms, I find a place on the balcony of the tropical garden overlooking the beach from one story up from the sand (all the loveliness without the sand). I slowly feel myself start to unwind. I won't lie, many of the days after that were spent in much of the same way. I would lay out, read, walk to the shoreline, and just think and clear my head. I needed to find myself and face some of the struggles that had been weighing on me all this time.

I was nervous about going, knowing that something that had been haunting me could be staring me in the face. I won't go into details as I have before, but it was time for me to face it. I had spent so many hours thinking of reasons and explanations. I thought of excuses and what ifs. My best friend had the best solution, I owe this nothing. I am wasting my time and tearing myself apart for something that doesn't matter, for someone who doesn't think twice about it. I made the decision to walk on by, act as if it didn't scare me or hurt me, and let it go.
Panama City Beach Florida Sunset at the Pier
I left many burdens in the ocean after the days I spent relaxing, thinking, and reading. It was a joy to let it all go and to move forward. My heart was lightened. I also got to spend some much needed family time with my parents. Who knew that my father actually likes the beach!

What is your go to place to unwind and relax? Are you a fight or flight person when something happens in your life? Which ever it is, I hope that you are always able to find peace in your life as I have with a little sand and saltwater.