Time For A Makeover - Come See My Transformation

Welcome my dearies, today we are going to be talking about a new step for my blog and what is in store in the future. If you are a blogger you may know where I am coming from. You find yourself in a rut and you aren't sure how to get out of it. The page views are slowly decreasing, the life is being drained out of your blog. (Maybe I am just being dramatic.) Or maybe your blog just never got off the ground. Some may not feel like their design and their message comes across clear to those that stumble or click onto their blog. I have been having all these thoughts and more lately. I wanted to know how to make my readers want to stay, feel at home, and ultimately subscribe. Keep reading to find out what I am doing about it and how I got to this point.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to a wonderful group on Facebook: Blogging on Your Own Terms. I poured over posts and ideas that were shared by many. The creator of this group Daniella Uslan, created a challenge to do just what I have been wanting to do: 15 Day Blog Makeover Challenge.

This is my introduction to the makeover and to let everyone know that you will start to see subtle changes within my blog for the next few weeks. I do not plan to post every day of my progress; however, when the mood strikes or I am inspired by a certain part of the challenge, I will share it with everyone. So on to way we are here

Day 1: My Mission Statement

The challenge was to write your blog mission statement using the following elements: topic, audience, values, and purpose. Sounds simple right?

It took me several attempts. I fought with changing my focus, narrowing my topic, and I have no clue about my purpose or what I had to offer that others didn't. After some trying and a few revelations I came up with this:

Writing about my life and the things that influence it (body image, books, love, and creativity) is my way of helping others break out of their shells and to become who they want to be. I write about my journey to encourage and uplift those around me. Life is not a straight and narrow road, but an adventure full of curves, plot twists, and splashes of color so pop on in.

As the days go forward I will continue to work on my blog to make it better for not only myself, but for my readers as well. Sharing my story is my inspiration and my dream. I hope that the words I share can help others and inspire them to be the best form of themselves they can be. Because in starting this challenge I realized what I can offer with my blog that others cannot: Me. Have a wonderful day my dolls and I will see you all again soon.