Just Two Books?! Why Aren't You Reading More - Monthly Reading Wrap Up

Hello all of my dearies! We are almost to the end of February. This month has flown by, with it another month of reading or lack thereof in my case. I did manage to squeeze in two books for the month. At the end you can see why that count is so low. Let me take you on a journey to my book reviews for the month and how the fit into my Popsugar Reading Challenge (PSRC) for the year. Stay tuned in the future for a look at a new book challenge I will be starting soon.

Vanessa Fewings
Romance, Adult Fiction, Erotica

PSRC: (Possible) protagonist with the same occupation

Why I picked it up: D actually recommended it to me
What drew me to this book: Not only his recommendation, but the description intrigued me.

When starting this book, I felt like everything compared to another book in this genre that has made quite the splash, especially among women; however, the more I got into the story, the more it separated itself from my comparisons. There are a few points throughout the book that really align with the other, but I love the concepts that separate it. I enjoyed reading this book, even if it was slightly new for me to have a guy recommend something like this to me.
Spoilers/Discussions: Even though they are similar, I loved the facts that made them different. The way the author used past pain to influence why the characters chose their paths. She used Enthrall as more than just a sex club or BDSM club. The therapy behind using pain for pain and the psychological effects of that fascinate me. The ending of the book is what really gripped me and made me want to read more from the series. I would like to know where that bed scene leads to in the future for them.

Marie Kondo
Non Fiction, Self Help

PSRC: translated

Why I picked it up: It was sent to me in the Popsugar Must Have Box
What drew me to this book: my best friend and boyfriend reading the other book "the magic of tidying up"

Rating: 2/5
I knew going into this book I would probably disagree with most of it. Unfortunately, I was right about that. I gave one star for making me laugh and the second star because I do agree with some of her concepts, although very few. Like a friend said to me, you have to take her culture and way of life into consideration while reading it and finding the humor in what you can. 
Spoiler/Discussions: I laughed... A lot. If this method worked for you, I support you and I'm happy for you. Just the idea of holding every piece of everything to see if it sparks joy makes me laugh. I can usually tell if I want to keep something or not. Even if I would have loved and agreed with this method, her approach to books would have shut that down really quickly. You cannot tell me to get rid of unread books and any books I have already finished unless they spark joy. I'm an avid reader. My books are important to me. The first and only one would be her book.

I know what you are all thinking...What?!  Just two books all month?! Here is why: This year I decided I would give up purchasing books for Lent; however, a few days into everything, D suggested that I also forgo reading all together. Quite honestly, I didn't expect myself to have that sort of control. So far I have been able to not read seeing as I was in a huge reading slump. Slowly, my yearning to pick up a book and get lost is returning. For me, that means more time in prayer and more time with God. Are you participating in Lent? What have you given up this year?

What are some of the books you have read and would recommend from this month? I have a growing list of new books to get to since D and my friend James love finding cheap or free books that sound so amazing I just can't say no to. I hope you have all had a wonderful reading month!