I Managed To Not Throw It - Monthly Reading Wrap Up

Is it really already February?! Where in the world did January go?! Hello everyone! I hope that your year is off to a great start. Those who have been with me awhile already know what time it is. Another month has passed and that means more books have been read. Once again this year I am participating in the Popsugar Reading Challenge (PSRC) which you can read more about and see a list of the prompts here. A few changes are being made to my wrap ups that I hope you will enjoy. I will of course link each book to Goodreads. Next I will include some information about the book and why I chose to read it; however, my biggest changes will be the absence of a summary and the addition of a full feelings review. I will go ahead and warn you, these reviews may contain mild to major spoilers, so be cautious. Let's get started with the books I have read this month.

Readng Wrap Up

The Mind Readers by Lori BrightonThe Mind Readers
Lori Brighton
YA, Paranormal, Romance

PSRC: A book recommended by someone you just met (Thanks James!)

Why I picked it up: I had been intrigued by all the books that James recommended to me, so I decided to go with his pick.
What drew me to this book: Mind reading is an ability that has always interested me in reading and it is a super power I have contemplated for myself previously. That aspect grabbed my attention.

Rating: 5/5
Just woah. Let's take a minute to process the ending of that one. I was nearing the end of the book with every intention of an "okay" 3 to 4 star review, and then the last page happened. One thing I loved about this book was that the author left a lot of the decisions up to the reader. She did not define a clear line between which side was good or evil. In the same understanding there were aspects of the book that I wish she would have fleshed out and revealed more about. For one, the back story as to the different groups and how it came about. The storyline itself was intriguing and easy for me to relate to.
Spoilers/Discussions: Am I the only person that didn't see that coming? With her dad actually being alive, my theories about how this has come back have gone wild. Anything from faking his death to get away from them, protecting his daughter, etc. I thinking walking away and losing the memories was the best decision that she could have made for herself; however, I am wondering if those memories will break through.

Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland (Graphic Novel)
Alessandro Ferrari
Graphic Novel, Childrens, Classics

PSRC: A graphic novel

Why I picked it up: Being a graphic novel I knew it would be quick to read and another book marked off my challenge list.
What drew me to this book: My love for Disney and it was rather cheap on Bookoutlet

Rating: 5/5
I have always been a huge Alice fan. I really did enjoy the chance to read it in graphic novel form. I particularly enjoyed the art style in this one. I love seeing how each artist brings the characters to life, especially Mad Hatter. It is a classic that I will always revisit time and time again. I did rather enjoy listening to "Her Name Is Alice by Shinedown" while reading this.

Winnie the Pooh
Lost and Found
Walt Disney Company

PSRC: None

Why I picked it up: My children love for me to read to them. My youngest requested Winnie the Pooh.
What drew me to this book: "I cannot knot"

Rating: 5/5
Who doesn't love some Winnie the Pooh? My children really enjoyed me reading this to them as well. I will admit, I loved it just as much as they did. For me, reading is an amazing way to spend time with them and to enjoy their company.

Dead of Winter by Kresley Cole
Dead of Winter
Kresley Cole
YA, Fantasy, Dystopia

PSRC: A dystopian novel

Why I picked it up: It is the third book in the series, and I really enjoyed the first two.
What drew me to this book: I was originally drawn to the series when I was told by a friend that it was centered around the tarot card deck. That unique aspest had me curious to see what the author did with the storyline.

Rating: 5/5
I just need to take a deep breath before I start this review. I know all the feelings are going to come back to the surface and I will touch on that in the spoiler section. The end of this book frustrated me to no end. It took every ounce of self control not to throw this book across the room. Overall, I have loved the story that Kresley Cole has weaved. Between Jack and Aric, I just can't choose. Well until now that is. I love how she has taken something that I haven't seen many books centered on and created a dystopian tale that is almost believable. The overall plot of this book was a little more restrained compared to the first two; however, we were given more character time with the romance. I thought that was what I wanted, but that just made it even more gut wrenching trying to decide. I highly recommend this series even though I now have to wait for the next two to be released.
Spoilers/Discussions: After everything he did for you and you still broke his heart?! And to think he still came after you and saved your life, AGAIN! What gets me is that he had what you wanted, yet he didn't play that card to try to win you. He let you decide for yourself. While he was letting you make the decision on your own, the other didn't trust you or your feelings for him enough to stay. He left you. Yes he left a note saying you could run after him, but in that moment he didn't trust your feelings for him enough to stay and face the truth. And in swoops your savior to keep you from dying to reach the other, who is probably dead now. Not to mention he offers to teach you everything so that you can avenge his demise. Could he be doing it to try to win your heart during that time together? I am praying so. How in the world can you not see that you are meant to be together?! I need the next book now, and I will be pouting until I get it.

As you can see, this month has a slow paced reading month; however, it was packed with high strung emotions and feelings. If I had to make a stand out favorite, it would be Dead of Winter. It isn't fair to Mind Readers since I was already invested in that series, but I would recommend it as well. I know that I will be trust the recommendations of James from now on after that ending. What were your stand out books of the month of January? If you are participating in the challenge, did you have a productive month of reading towards that goal? I would love to hear your thoughts about the changes to the style and set up of these posts. Without all of you, I would just be here rambling to myself so thank you. I love hearing from each of you.