#TryDry Influenster VoxBox from Target

Welcome back my lovelies! Today, I am bringing you another beauty related review. I was one of many lucky Influensters to receive the #TryDry Voxbox. Influenster partnered with Target and Dove to deliver the new Dove Dry Spray (For men and women) to a select number of subscribers. If you would be interested in future campaigns, stay tuned and I will have all that information down below. For now, lets get into the review!

My first review and impression of this product was not a good one. I had trouble with a break out and almost called it quits; however, I am glad I tried again. The Dove Dry Spray is a spray antiperspirant that claims to go on dry and stay dry. Boldly stated on the package is the claim to 48 hours of wear time. We will see how that stands up in just a moment.

-Quick drying
-No white residue
-Long lasting
-Fresh Scent that isn't over powering
-Fast application, especially on the go

-Cannot be applied over sweat (At least not for me)
-Having to shake it (I often forget)

After a few weeks of use, I have found what works with this product and my skin and what doesn't. Like my list touches on, I found that if I try to apply this after I have started to sweat, for those days you just forget to apply it first thing, my skin or sweat would react with the product. The result of this was a reaction that caused a lot of breaking out and itching for me. Wouldn't recommend that. Also, you might want to turn your face and pray that you get the right area. Learned that the hard way as well. Note to self: it doesn't taste on that great.

Overall, I really enjoy using this product. I have only reached for my regular deodorant a few times since receiving this product. I thoroughly enjoy that it goes on dry and stays dry. The scent is fresh without overpowering any of fragrance that you happen to wear as well; however, when first sprayed it does tend to hang in the air. I cannot say that it lasted a full 48 hours, but it did keep me dry and odor free all day. One major downside for me is the price; however, I am wondering how long the spray will last versus a stick or gel. My typical deodorant is around $3 to $4, so it isn't too much of a different.

Have you tried out this product? What are your thoughts on it? I am quickly finding it to be an essential in my daily routine. If you would like to become an Influenster for the chance to receive products, coupons, and offers for reviews, you can follow the link here.