Disney Wedding Q&A

Hey everyone!!! Today, I am teaming up with my best friend, future maid of honor, and the Disney Queen herself: The Girl From Alabama. We are both looking into and starting our plans for Disney weddings, so we thought we would answer some questions about why we are choosing a Disney wedding.

Disney Wedding Q&A

Why are you considering a Disney wedding?

-There are many girls that dream of having a Disney wedding; however, I wasn't one of those girls. I never really viewed it as possible for myself. Recent events have changed my plans for getting married, so we started looking into a Disney wedding instead of the huge wedding we were planning.

Is it just you or does your partner want one as well?

-He is the one that originally suggested the idea seriously instead of just tossing out the idea to fun. He is a huge Disney fan with a love for all things Disney, therefore this just came naturally to him.

What would be your dream Disney wedding?

-Getting married near the castle! Seeing the look on his face when I walk out in a wedding dress, in his favorite place on earth. There is just something magical about Disney.

Are you considering a Disney inspired gown?

-I have considered one in the past. I am still in the process of finding a dress though. I know the silhouette of my favorite Princess' dress has inspired my search for a dress.

Disney princess theme or some other Disney theme?

-Definitely Beauty and the Beast.

How elaborate are you wanting to get?

-I don't want something too over the top; however, with money not an issue, I want to be happy with our big day and completely satisfied with our choices.

Do you feel like Disney weddings are priced fairly?

-I do feel like they are priced fairly. You have several tears and options to choose from. I believe you have to factor in what is best for your wedding and your budget. Disney is a gorgeous option, with that being said, you pay for what you get. Location, atmosphere, everything that is included adds up.

What is your favorite Disney wedding venue?

-Magical Kingdom Park (After hours), Aulani (no specific venue at this moment), and the Disney Wedding Pavilion

What would you like your menu to include?

-We are really considering a buffet style. Many of our family and friends are big food people. I want there to be enough options for everyone to enjoy something tantalizing and delicious.

Do you want characters at your wedding?

-Characters aren't really something I considered at the wedding at this point in time.

Even though my fiance and I haven't completely decided on a Disney wedding, I still enjoyed these questions. If you would like to see her answers, which are sure to please, visit her here. I would love to know down below if you have had or are planning (or even dreaming of) a Disney wedding. What would be your fairytale Disney wedding?