Mortal Instruments, Tarot Cards, and a Reading Slump - September Reading Wrap Up

Another month in a reading slump, yet I still managed to squeeze in a few books. October is already here, and I couldn't be more excited for the fall and Halloween inspired everything!

City of Fallen Angels
Cassandra Clare
Fantasy, Young Adult, Paranormal

DIRC: ---

Rating: 4/5
Being in a big reading slump, it took a little time to get into this book. After completing it, I still feel like the was something missing, lacking almost. I did really enjoy the shifting perspectives and the added view points that we see in this novel. Picking up just a few months after City of Glass, we follow Simon, Clary, and Jace as they continue on after the War is won. I adored getting to see more Isabella and Simon as well as Magnus and Alec. The last few chapters or so really picked up in pace and ended the book on a high point. I will be diving into City of Lost Souls soon.

Day Zero
Kresley Cole
Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopia

DIRC: Overview: Walt Disney World - A book by an author from Florida

Rating: 5/5
Day Zero is a novella about the major arcana within the series Arcana Chronicles. Cole does an amazing job compiling information on each character and players of the game. I love reading their stories from the first day and the catastrophe that destroyed life as we know it. With little bits of back story for each, you really get a sense of who they are and what they faced as the game began. Personally, I love that I will have this resource for the books because sometimes I can get the characters mixed up or forget them since there are a lot to remember. Day Zero and Arcana Rising both came out in August and were preorders for me. I am not sure why I waited this long to dive in. This is one of my favorite series to date.

City of Lost Souls
Cassandra Clare
Fantasy, Young Adult, Paranormal

DIRC: ---

Getting through this book was not easy for me; however, being so determined to finish this series and with only one book left, I decided not to give up. I struggled through out most of this book, about the first 400 pages or so. Clary's character was really starting to agitate me. At one point her actions became too much and I actually stopped reading the book. I did something I rarely do: I went to friends that I knew had read the book and asked them for hope for me to continue and if it was worth it to finish. The ending of this book was worth it. It finally picked up pace and speed. It became griping and captivating again, until that one part. To have the one couple you adored torn apart, is heart breaking. I was so angry I just sobbed. I have started the sixth and final book.

This month I have also been making strides to become more involved in my faith and to read more of my Bible. I was able to complete two books of the Bible, one with my best friend (Proverbs) and the other through First 5 (2 Corinthians). I enjoyed both books immensely. Really diving into and studying 2 Corinthians through the app really helped me to understand it in a way I might not have thanks to the teach of the First 5 women. I went into Proverbs with the intention of understanding my role as a wife; however, I walked away with so much more. I am hoping to continue on in this path of reading and to look into a reading plan to accomplish reading all of the Bible.

What are some of the books that you read during the month of September? I am looking forward to finishing up the Mortal Instruments series and moving on with the Arcana Chronicles. Maybe I will even dig my nails into something spooky for the upcoming Halloween season! I hope you all had a wonderful month of reading!