Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

It is a week until Halloween... what's that? You don't have a costume? Well you have come to the right place. Today, I am listing a few ideas for some easy and fun last minute costume ideas. Some of these I am even looking forward to doing sometime in the future.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie - Simple and straight forward, I think this costume would be really easy to recreate with things you have on hand.

1950's Housewife - I know what you are thinking... Who has a 1950's style dress just laying around? This is for the women who love vintage styles and have a dress like this.

Pooh - Silly old Pooh, silly and simple to do. All you need is just the right color clothing.

Scarecrow - I know this is a very basic idea; however, there are tons of gorgeous makeup ideas floating around on Pinterest to take your scarecrow to the next level, plus the clothing is something easily accessible to everyone.

Three Blind Mice - Who doesn't want to go out on a cold Halloween in sweatpants! Solution found! Grab a couple friends and you can have a unique idea.

Sadness from Inside Out - Everything blue, that you have the perfect recipe for Sadness. Just don't forget your pout.

Starbucks - Why not be the vessel for everyone's pumpkin spice addiction this year! Just add a few pumpkins to really spice things up.

Pacman Ghosts - This may take a little more effort, but with a big piece of fabric in the right color, you too could be a Pacman ghost; however, chasing around little children is frowned upon.

Even if you don't have all of the supplies on hand, I hope that these ideas have sparked your creativity and given you some last minute inspiration to get your costume ready for Halloween night. What are some last minute costumes you have done? Do you usually buy or make your own costumes?