Bullet Journal - Weekly Spread

Hello darlings! Lately I have talked more and more about my planner and my bullet journal. Today, since I was setting up a new week and changing some things around, I wanted to share that with you. Many wonder why I do this in addition to my planner, I will talk about that as well. Let's dive right in!

Bullet Journal Weekly Layout

Bullet journaling is something I picked up from a mismatch of places: Pinterest, Instagram, my fiance,Adele Toomey from Inkie Quill (and Let's Get Inkie), and Kara from Boho Berry just to name a few. With my planner being memory focused and shifting to future planning as I go along, many wonder why I do both and why I find it helpful. My Bujo (another name for Bullet Journaling) is used for many reasons, and I will break that down in more detail soon. I use it for keeping track of daily things that I don't care to write down or track in my planner. My planner is more decorated and stickers while still being function; whereas, my bujo is pen and paper, ideas, and tools, if that makes sense. Now, I will break it down and show you the components of my weekly spreads.

Bullet Journal Weekly Layout
I use a dutch door system. On days I journal, there is a half sheet that goes in the middle, leaving the top (1-3) exposed.

1. Bible Reading - Each week I have two segments of Bible reading for the week. Currently I am reading Job (the top section) along with my best friend, you have heard about her a lot here (Hunter - The Girl from Alabama.) I also do the daily reading that goes along with the lesson for the First 5 app (the bottom section). This way, I can see at a glance what I need to be reading each day. I have another section in my bujo where I take notes on those readings.

2. Weather - The top two boxes of this section is used for keeping up with the weather. On Monday, I write in Monday through Wednesday. I repeat the process on Thursday for Thursday through Sunday. The top section is where I draw in the weather doodle with the middle section being for the high and low temperature. This sections just helps me to prepare for clothing decisions and to know what is coming up.

3. Reading - This is where I write in when I start and finish a book as well as the page I am on at the end of the day. I use this to keep track of how many pages I am reading and how long it takes me to finish up a particular book. Reading is a big part of my life, so it plays a big part in my journaling, as you will see.

4. Weekly Tracker - Many people use a monthly tracker page; however, I found that I did flip back to it and use it accordingly. I found it easier to incorporate it into my weekly layout. It also gives me the flexibility to change things up if tracking a particular thing isn't working for me. Some of the things I track daily (just to name a few) are: reading 50 pages (my daily goal), 32 ounces of water, daily devotions, and when I post a blog.

5. Goals - This is one of the sections that is getting a switch up this week. Previously, 8 was featured here; however, a few weeks ago I toyed with a tiny section for goals and then didn't use it again. I want to create the habit of setting goals each week, even if they are small. Tiny steps add up to big steps. Some of these goals may repeat from week to week if not accomplished.

6. Gratitude - One of my favorite sections. Each morning, I try to write in at least four things that I am grateful for from the previous day. I find this helps me to reflect on the positive and start my day on a good note. I know on the days that I struggle to come up with four that I need to change up my day and my perspective. It has helped me to remember the little things in life, the daily occurrences, that I may forget to be thankful for.

7. Prayers - Another new section that I tried out this week and am tweaking for next week. I want to have a place to write down things I need to pray about or things I am asked to pray about. I left the bar blank so I can use symbols if some things need to roll forward a week. This, in conjunction with my mini war room (post it notes on my closet doors), is designed to help me pray more, even if just in short spurts.

8. Book Reviews - This was previously seen in section 5; however, I thought it would be nice to move it to have more room on weeks that I read more. (Sections 7 and 8 have previously been just blank. unused space.) I try to keep a draft up on my blog as the month goes along, but lets be real, sometimes I don't keep up as I go along. I use this section to just jot down a few thoughts as I finish up a book using + and - to signify negative and positive things I liked about the book. It is a quick jumping off point, plus it can be a quick reference for someone looking through my bujo as well.

At the end of the month I evaluate what is and isn't working for me; however, I keep my system rather loose so I can change things up from week to week if needed. My bujo is a part of my morning routine, and this is only one tab within my Carpe Diem that houses my bujo. Would you be interested in seeing more sections of it?