Thankful Thursday - Week Two

Hello darlings. Hasn't it been a week for us all? Many things are weighing on the world today. For me, that is all the more reason to pour my heart into my gratitude and being thankful for the little things and even sometimes the big things as well. No matter what your week has held, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, a ray of sunshine to be found.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.
-Philippians 4:6

1. Blogging - being able to share my thoughts and opinions is something that has always been important for me. Being introduced to blogging was such a blessing. I am truly thankful, no matter how small the following, that I can sit down and talk about the things that I love and that I am interested in at the time. Whether I am talking about books, planners, my family, or upcoming adventures, I am truly thankful that I get to share a piece of myself with y'all and the world.

2. Access to essentials and more - Being a diabetic mom, insulin and diabetes supplies is a huge thing in my house. It takes up time, money, and space for all of these things. November is Diabetes Awareness month. Diabetic Danica made a video (that I will link here) where she talked about the growing need of simple supplies like insulin for some people. I am so thankful that my fiance and my children have access to the essential supplies that they need each day to stay alive. It is something that is easily overlooked, but can really add up for others who do not have access to those supplies.

3. Doing things together - My best friend and I recently gave our blogs a makeover. We didn't intend to do things together; however, it just worked out that way. I am always so thankful for the relationship that we have together. We are alike in many things, but we are also vastly different in other areas. She has really helped me to see the world in new ways. I am truly blessed and honored to have a friend like her in my life.

4. The planner community - I know this may see strange to some, but I really love how are planners are bringing people together. I had never had the experience of showing a stranger my planner in person, or helping someone pick out a planner (this particular one was for a gift) until this week. I walked away from the experience with a huge feeling of gratitude for being able to share and be helpful to someone else. In a time when our world is more divided than every, it is the little senses of community that can make a difference.

5. Reading for pleasure - For many people, they don't have access to resource materials or books for reading, which breaks my heart considerably. There was a time when I let others dictate what I read or how I would feel about what I was reading. Now, I am grateful to have moved away from that type of thinking. I am blessed to be able to read whatever I want to read whether it is for an escape, for fun, or for bettering myself. I no longer let myself feel guilty for enjoying the escape of diving into a book I really want to read.

6. Safe traveling for people close to me - My fiance, my children, and my close friends travel often. Just yesterday (the 9th), they flew out to California for another run weekend for RunDisney. Each time they travel I pray and I worry, then I pray some more. I am beyond grateful that they have had safe travels throughout these trips. Don't get me wrong there has been close calls; however, they travel as safely as they possible can. My gratitude to the Lord for keeping them protected is beyond words.

7. Knowing God is in control - First I want to say this is not about the political aspect of this election in the US and it's outcome. However, I am thankful that election night I ended my night feeling safe and I woke up feeling safe. I know who is in control, and it isn't a circle you bubble in on a ballot or votes that are counted and weighed against one another. I am grateful that my trust, my safety is in God.

What have you been thankful for this week?