Planner Update - Erin Condren, Carpe Diem, and More

Hello lovelies!! After playing around with my blog and looking over content, I realized just how long it has been since I did a post on my planner situation. Many things have or will be changing soon. So grab a drink and a snack, this could get a bit chatty.

What I am Currently Using:
2015-2016 Erin Condren Horizontal
Reset Girl Carpe Diem in Persimmon

Now that you know the basics of what I am using, I want to talk more about the details of each. First, we will start with the EC. I have went through many phases with my planner this year. I started out without stickers or kits that I made myself. That quickly evolved into store bought stickers or printables. Somewhere along the way my best friend, Hunter from The Girl From Alabama, convinced me to try a full kit. I have sense fallen in love with using kits. This past month, I even went as far as no-white-space planning, well as close as you can get (more on that later). 

Erin Condren Horizontal
As close to no-white-space as I have been able to get.
Kit Used: My Newest Addiction - Hauntings

My bullet journal has been my companion for several months now. It started out as a simple journal for a way to let go of some personal things. I started with a cheap notebook from Barnes and Noble and a modified hobonichi style that I found on Let's Get Inkie. Layouts evolved, collections expanded, and I found myself really enjoying the routine of my bullet journal. Boho Berry, aka the Bullet Journal Queen for many, did a video on trying out a filofax for hers. I was stunned. And that is how my obsession with a ring bound bullet journal started. For me, I currently only use basic supplies. Cheap grid paper from the notebook (currently out of stock online, sorry), Reset Girl dividers, and my pens. The Carpe Diem gave me the freedom to expand ideas and build without fear. The organization of being able to move things around has really helped me. If you would like, I can do another post on how I have it set up and some of my plans for it.

Bullet Journal Tracker
Current weekly trackers in my bullet journal (Oct. 31 - Nov. 6)

As you know the end of the year is quickly approaching; therefore, it is time to choose another planner. I will be honest, I have toyed with the idea of changing things up completely. I have researched Carpe Diem inserts from several different shops. I have thought about uncoiling an EC and punched it to fit the Carpe Diem. And sometimes, I get so frustrated with all of my ideas I toss the idea of not even using a planner next year. Thankfully that idea never last very long. Even without traditional planning, my planner provides a sense of creativity for me that is calming, most of the time. So for now, I am looking at switching back to the vertical Erin Condren. I briefly looked at the hourly for a more scheduled approach; however, I think I may have the no-white-space sticker addiction. My Carpe Diem will stay my bullet journal companion for the time being. I love how it evolves and changes with me as my needs change.

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What planners are you currently using? Have you decided or already purchased your planner for 2017? I would love to see what you are using and what works for you. As always, you are welcome to leave a comment below, or you can utilize the new social media icons over an the side to chat with me!